Entrances Made Easier with Hafele’s Range of Sliding Systems Under SLIDO

Entrances Made Easier with Hafele’s Range of Sliding Systems Under SLIDO

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
A space with larger entrance often has doors that require some effort from an individual to enter. In such cases, the doors are either kept open or they give out noise every time when the doors open and close. However, entries or exits can now be made effortless and seamless with the range of Sliding systems offered under the SLIDO range by Hafele.

Hafele’s range of Sliding Systems under SLIDO

Häfele houses a comprehensive range of Sliding Systems for every imaginable indoor and outdoor application. Specifically catering to your internal partitions and doors are the Classic and Design 80 Telescopic Progressive Sliding Systems from this range. They demonstrate the highest form of quality as the components are completely fabricated in European manufacturing units and adhere to European standards. The doors in this system move in unison when one door is pushed or pulled hence reducing the amount of force required to open or close the doors.
The new Telescopic Progressive Systems by Häfele are available in two variants – Classic (for Wooden Door Sliding) and Design (for Glass Door Sliding) with an option of choosing from a 2 door or a 3 door version under each variant. The Classic 80 system enhances privacy and gives a clear distinction between different areas in your interiors while the Design 80 system gives way to open and bright spaces. The Telescopic Progressive Sliding Systems offer you the complete sliding solution for every threshold in your homes and offices.

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Pavita Jones