Indian startup, Ayurvridhi Launches the Country’s First Oil Filled Transparent Capsules

Indian startup, Ayurvridhi Launches the Country’s First Oil Filled Transparent Capsules
SILIGURI, India, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ayurvridhi, an ayurvedic brand, pioneered India’s first oil filled transparent capsule technology. The company derives its name from Sanskrit, ‘Ayur’ means life and ‘vridhi’ equates to growth. It has a strong online presence and caters to customers across India. The company looks forward to grow internationally while simultaneously expanding its offline reach.

“Ayurvridhi is created with a vision to uplift human lives through ayurvedic science. We believe in the power of Ayurveda to heal human body not just externally but internally,” said Jaivardhan Agarwal, founder of Ayurvridhi. The company has set in motion a transformational shift in the perception of ayurvedic medicines. While Ayurveda as a branch of medicine was viewed with suspicion, the company remained true to its Indian roots. Ayurvridhi is grounded in research and uses a careful blend of age-old tradition and modern technology to bring about noticeable results with their oil filled liquid capsules. These lifestyle supplements disintegrate immediately into the body to provide maximum efficiency. The company’s revolutionary transparent capsules stem from the belief, ‘you see what you eat’ and instills trust in their customers. With the advent of Ayurvridhi, people have now accepted Ayurveda as a way of life, and the positive customer reviews are only a testament to this,” said Jaivardhan – Founder of Ayurvridhi.

The company offers a wide array of products ranging from neem and peppermint oil capsules that heal the skin to black cumin oil capsules that has rich antibacterial properties, amongst other products with rejuvenating properties.

Ayurvridhi strives to create a sustainable brand by sourcing raw materials native to a region. Each ingredient is handpicked from the interiors of rural India where the company has a mutually symbiotic relation with the farmers and traditional artisans. The raw materials are ethically sourced from farms who employ environmentally sound farming practices. In turn, the company encourages independent trading practices and empowers local producers through the elimination of the middle man. The entire supply chain is 100% organic and employs vegan practices. Each product is designed in-house since its inception – from the capsule to the recyclable packaging in the form of glass bottles and metal caps wrapped in biodegradable cartons. This is a true made in India story. The product is tailored keeping the consumer’s wellbeing in mind, the consumers should not only love using the product but must also feel proud about it.

While the pandemic created ripples worldwide, it acted as a blessing in disguise for Ayurvridhi.  People started turning towards Ayurveda as an alternative and healthier form of medicine. The company provided a much-needed substitute with Ayurvridhi that ensured holistic nourishment to the mind, body and soul. It has disrupted the industry with its integrative medicines.

This is a company that anticipated the needs of the country and has been ahead of the curve. Ayurvridhi’s products are now just a click away:

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About Ayurvridhi

Ayurvridhi is an India-based startup that launched the country’s first ever oil filled transparent ayurvedic capsules. The company was founded by Jaivardhan Agarwal with a humble vision, “to uplift human lives through Ayurvedic science”.

Ayurvridhi uses 100% organic ingredients to produce a vast range of products that ensure holistic nourishment to the mind, body and soul.

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