FabModula Brings Contemporary Interior Designing to Modern Design Spaces in Bangalore

FabModula Brings Contemporary Interior Designing to Modern Design Spaces in Bangalore

FabModula modernizes interior spaces with chic, eclectic and aesthetic designs to create a personal connection that transforms any house into a ‘home’
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
For more than 15 years, FabModula has been creating innovative interior design solutions in Bangalore. Striving to create the best atmosphere with the right choice of aesthetic pieces and designs, FabModula prides itself on offering exactly what the customers want.

FabModula – Modern luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore

FabModula’s interior designers are known for their deep-rooted values that translate into the designs they deliver. The interior designers have an eye for picking out contemporary pieces and bringing them together to create a modern space.

From the trendy living room decor to the aesthetic kitchen and dining room designs, FabModula has excelled in delivering just what the customers have envisioned. And this has made FabModula have over 90% customer satisfaction rate. One of the secret mantras for their high customer satisfaction lies in the way they approach every decor and design.

FabModula looks at every design piece more than what it seems and delves deeper into what it signifies. Every piece inside a home should have a significance or an attachment to the people living there and FabModula gives extra attention to such details. The interior designers converse with the homeowners, understand their vision and get their stories out to make an emotional connection with the interior design that goes beyond just having a pretty decor.

FabModula can work either with a brand-new home bare of any decor or with an existing collection of interior decor. For new homes, the interior designers can procure the decor and design a home from scratch by bringing in pieces from all over the world based on the preferences. For customers with a lot of old and new furniture and decor pieces, FabModula’s designers have successfully managed to bring a blend of eclectic designs that bring the space to life.

FabModula’s customers don’t just hire them for plain interior designing but bring that certain charm and life to space with functional spaces, innovative design ideas and emotional appeal that comes with handpicked decor. The designers don’t just design spaces but can transform a space, unlike anything one can imagine. They are quite skilled at breaking up vast spaces, making small areas look bigger and converting an old and boring space into a brand-new functional area.

FabModula procures pieces from international manufacturers like Hafele, Hettich and Aristo, and also from traditional craftsmen based on the individual taste. Equipped with skills, talent, expertise and resources, FabModula leaves no stone unturned to deliver the best quality interior designing services in Bangalore.

About FabModula

FabModula was started in the year 2005 in Bangalore with the intent of helping people create their dream homes. FabModula has worked with over 800 clients, many of whom are repeat customers. FabModula is known for reinventing the norm with its contemporary ideas, traditional craftsmanship and precise engineering that reflects in the final output.

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