How Xoxoday’s Empuls is Helping Companies engage remote employees

How Xoxoday’s Empuls is Helping Companies engage remote employees
BANGALORE, India, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Employee engagement was an area of focus in the pre-Covid era, but it gained utmost importance in the post-Covid reality. Xoxoday’s Empuls provides the perfect way to genuinely engage employees in the new remote world of work. It helps companies connect, recognize, reward, and empower their hybrid workforce through an all-in-one employee engagement platform.

In March 2020, every company was forced to rethink the way they work. Suddenly, the world of work transformed from office to home. This was unprecedented and an unchartered territory for CXOs, leadership, HR and employees globally. Thanks to remote working tools which have made this entire process a little easy for companies. We faced a similar situation at Xoxoday and took various steps to ensure that our employees are motivated, engaged and happy while working from their homes in the midst of the Covid-19.

We have been using Empuls, an employee engagement product from Xoxoday to recreate the physical workplace digitally. And this has really helped us in a big way. Whether it’s a new employee onboarding, or a birthday celebration or a shout out on someone’s big sales fete, we all come together and celebrate it over Empuls. It helps us stay connected with each other and with the company.

Motivation is very intrinsic to every human. Whether we recall our days as kids or teens or grown-ups, we need the right dose of motivation to drive results. That’s exactly what Empuls does for employees. It keeps you motivated, charged and reinforces positive behaviours. And during the Covid period, motivation has become an essential. Any form of motivation, an appreciation, a pat on the back, a recognition can make your otherwise lonely and dull day bright. The one-on-one feedback gives you various unsaid insights and can be a treasure to address employee issues and avoid any unwanted attrition. The open communication channels can build a strong camaraderie, belonging and connect people remotely.

Who is the winner in remote work: People & Culture

The disruptions of 2020 brought never-before-seen urgency in employee engagement practices. Gallup has been closely tracking employee engagement since 2000, and their data showed that U.S. employee engagement increased from 36% in late 2020 to 39% in January 2021. Because even the otherwise disconnected employees were now connecting over these social intranets and knowing each other beyond geographical & departmental boundaries. We saw over 75% monthly active users and 90% NPS scores in our products in 2020-21.

If there is one thing which has helped companies survive and grow during the pandemic, it’s their people & culture. Companies who were always people first found it extremely easy to face the challenges posed by remote work. And companies who were lagging in people & culture practices found it utmost important to invest in their people immediately. We saw a similar trend for our people tools like Empuls & Compass. The demand came from various countries and even orthodox sectors were looking forward to such technologies. It’s a proud moment for us that we acquired more than 1 client every single day during the pandemic and helped our clients succeed during the pandemic

Empuls | Motivate, Empower & Engage your Employees | By Xoxoday

Empuls, a holistic employee engagement platform

Empuls stands out as a holistic solution for solving the everyday workplace problems of connection, alignment, motivation, and engagement. As a result, companies do not have to invest in separate solutions for tackling employee communication, alignment, recognition, and surveys. It gives you insights in terms of employee NPS and retention scores.

Empuls provides a social intranet platform for all internal communication, employee collaboration, celebration, and alignment. With a social-like experience, it helps you engage and connect your remote workforce. Empuls surveys allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of the employees. You can now measure employee engagement in real-time and seek proactive feedback and action to make a workplace where employees can thrive.

Recognition and rewards in Empuls let you create a culture of appreciation and reinforce company values & mission. You can create multiple moments of celebration by giving rewards for employee milestones, good performance, festivals, occasions etc.

An investment in Empuls is an investment in your people, and it’s the right step towards creating a people-first culture. As said, take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your customers & business.

About Xoxoday:

Xoxoday is an all-in-one technology platform to connect, align, motivate and engage employees, channel partners, sales & consumers. Xoxoday has been recognised as Best Tech-HR platform by People Matters, Top 50 Fastest-Growing Tech-companies by Deloitte, Top 10 SaaS start-ups by Oracle, Top 100 SME by Govt. of India,FT top 100 tech companies 2020 & Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2020.

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