Gear up for the Mumbai International Bike Fair (MIBF)

Gear up for the Mumbai International Bike Fair (MIBF)


The Mumbai International Bike Fair (MIBF) will be a high-end, B2B/B2C crossover event focusing on the core values of sustainability, design, and innovation. It is scheduled to be held from the 18th to the 20th of November 2022 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai. The expo will also be open to the B2C segment to provide knowledge and increase awareness about cycling as part of urban mobility, safe cycling infrastructure, the latest products, and services in the industry, and much more. The event intends at bringing together the whole sector under one roof for networking, meeting new dealers and consumers, and observing the newest trends and innovations.

MIBF is listed on Bike Europe, an international trade journal for the bicycle industry ( It will be a perfect networking platform for manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and urban planners in India and abroad. The event showcases a mixture of start-ups, scale-ups, and established businesses in the area of Bicycle, E-cycles, Cargo bikes, and E-Cargo bike industry. It also provides a platform for urban practitioners and city administrators to exchange information and discuss the latest developments in urban mobility, incorporating the concept of suitable infrastructure required in cities and towns, as well as how to integrate the same through smart urban planning. The expo is unique and worth attending as bicycles are set to enter a whole new realm, advancing to become the leading form of transport and also promoting low car density in India. The event is the best place to learn about the latest trends, do test rides and trials, and network with the experts. Electric and traditional bikes, the cargo industry, and last-mile logistics companies from around the country will be benefitted from this expo. This is an excellent opportunity to create brand awareness and future loyalty, especially with the youth market.

The benefits of exhibiting with MIBF are that it will bring ideas on city management, new-age concepts, sustainable future, and micro-mobility to everyone under one roof. In days to come, bicycles including e-bikes are going to play very significant role at the micro-mobility level, that is, all travels within 5 km in cities. The expo will include conferences and seminars on bicycle infrastructure designing, challenges in the Indian bicycle industry, and urban sustainable mobility as some of the topics listed. A few of the planned attractions include a cycle stunt show, vintage show, cycle innovation launchpad, book fair on urban mobility, etc. You can also partner with us to gain profit through immense visibility, media coverage, and marketing. The Exhibitor’s profile includes bikes and accessories, e-bikes, adventure biking, pushbikes, and city showcases amongst others. The visitor’s profile includes urban designers, city mayors, delivery apps, and logistics companies besides distributors and cycle enthusiasts.

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Pavita Jones