The Quarry Living Room Inspirations that Make One-of-a-Kind Statement

The Quarry Living Room Inspirations that Make One-of-a-Kind Statement

The living room is considered the most crucial part of a person's home, and it deserves the finest quality natural stones. Whether it's the homeowners enjoying a cup of coffee after a long day's work or entertaining friends over the weekends, it is a space where everyone desires to unwind and relax. The Quarry has carefully curated The Statement Collection from all over the world, offering the finest natural stones to spruce up your living room.

The Quarry Alps Glitter Corteccia (1).jpg

Alps Glitter Corteccia

The living room deserves the best South American granite, and what better than a glittering piece of the Alps with patterns of grey flowing gracefully across the wall? Alps Glitter Corteccia brings personality to every surface it touches. Bringing it home will allow one to personally experience the captivating enchantment it possesses.

The Quarry Arctic Sky (1).jpg

Arctic Sky

What makes a luminous living room truly remarkable is the sense of grandeur and expansiveness that can only be achieved with the inclusion of Arctic Sky granite. The combination of black and white creates a mystic touch, while the ethereal grey veins delicately scattered across the slab add a dreamlike quality. Arctic Sky brings a fresh take with its calming demeanor. The addition of this enthrallinggranite is the ideal enhancement for any living room space.

The Quarry Rock Di Lusso (1).jpg

Rock Di Lusso

The addition of Rock Di Lusso in a living room adds a truly unique element. Its edgy yet luxurious look, featuring grey and deep blue textures, bestows a rugged, timeless, and magnificent look to any space.

The Quarry Wunderbar (1).jpg


The affluence of Wunderbar stands unrivaled when it comes to adding a truly special factor to a living room. The curated slab, crafted by The Quarry, showcases a captivating blend of abundant green tones complemented by subtle hints of brown and copper, beautifully capturing the essence of Brazil's natural beauty within the confines of one's living space. Celebrate the presence of Wunderbar in the living room with options such as book matching or innovative applications, which have the potential to permanently beautify the home.

The Quarry Onice Miele (1).jpg

Onice Miele

OniceMiele is what dreams are made of. The vastness of the slab evokes a sense of wonder as one enjoys a cup of tea in the living room. The seamless blending of beige and copper-orange hues adds a captivating and inviting allure, resulting in a uniquely distinctive living space. These homogenous yellow showcases refined grain and intricate detailing, with an unparalleled subtle sheen when backlit is unmatched.

The installation of The Quarry natural stones alone has the power to completely transform any living room, turning it into a beautiful and relaxing space. By bringing home a piece of the world, one can make a bold statement and create a remarkable ambiance right at their doorstep.

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