Rural Health Training Centre (RHTC) Hospital inauguratd in Najafgarh, Delhi

Rural Health Training Centre (RHTC) Hospital inauguratd in Najafgarh, Delhi

Taking forward the policy of “Health for All” of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the fourth hospital of Central Government “Rural Health Training Centre (RHTC) Hospital” was inaugurated by Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya in Najafgarh, Delhi today in the presence of Shri Pravesh Saheb Singh, Member of Parliament (West Delhi).


Addressing the gathering, Dr Mandaviya said “today, we are witnessing the true spirit of our Hon’ble Prime Minister whose wisdom has enabled provisioning of this world class hospital as sanjeevani for the people of Najafgarh. Our government started working with a holistic approach and for the first time, our Prime Minister made the connection between health and development in the real sense”. “This was done in order for India to become a developed nation by the time we commemorate its 100th anniversary of Independence. Today even the most impoverished citizen has access to healthcare and no poor person should suffer due to lack of affordable health care”, he stated.



Highlighting that provisioning of healthcare facilities is the root and base of any sustainable development, the Union Minister said that India has a long history in medical sciences. “We have always been kept on the right path to relive our culture and belief in “aarogyam paramam bhogyam swasthya sarvatha sadhanam” in our deeply ingrained sewa dharma i.e., “Freedom from diseases is the ultimate destiny and good health the basis for achieving every other wealth”.


Emphasizing on the govt’s commitment to provide a strong health system to everyone, Dr Mandaviya said, “this hospital will address a long-standing healthcare access issue for all the local population and especially vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society. This hospital’s strategic location in Najafgarh will enable it to serve population of 13.65 lakh residing in 73 surrounding villages.” “Provisioning of services of medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, ICU, NICU, PICU, ENT, ophthalmology, blood bank etc including multiple diagnostic and radiological facilities will ensure that our brothers and sisters of Najafgarh will not suffer due to lack of doorstep services and it will greatly ease the lives of our people through provisioning of world class amenities”, he stated.


Pavita Jones