South Eastern Coalfields Ltd Achieves 100 million tonne Coal Dispatch

South Eastern Coalfields Ltd Achieves 100 million tonne Coal Dispatch

Coal India subsidiary South Eastern Coalfields Ltd (SECL)has achieved 100 million tonne (MT) coal dispatch for FY 2023-24. This is the fastest 100 MT coal dispatch achieved by Chhattisgarh based company since its inception. Last year, SECL had dispatched around 85 million tonne coal in the same period and thus during this financial year the company has registered a growth of 17.65%.


Of the total coal dispatch, more than 80% went to the power sector as the company dispatched around 81 million tonnes of coal to power plants across the country. This is a significant achievement keeping in mind the upcoming festival season when power demand is set to peak.


SECL mega projects Gevra, Dipka, and Kusmunda located in Korba district have contributed significantly to the total dispatch of 100 million tonnes of coal. Gevra, the largest coal mine in the country has contributed 30.3 MT while Dipka and Kusmunda contributed 19.1 MT and 25.1 MT of coal respectively. The total share of all three mega projects in the total dispatch has been more than 74 percent.


Apart from this, SECL's Korea Rewa coalfield, where most of the old and underground mines are located, also made  notable contribution by enhancing coal dispatch by 20% as compared to last year.


SECL  is one of the largest coal producing subsidiaries of Coal India. The company produced 167 MT of coal (highest in its history) and accounted for around one-fourth of CIL’s total coal production in FY 22-23. This year the company has a target of 197 MT of coal production.


Pavita Jones