IBR Convocation attracts record-holders

IBR Convocation attracts record-holders

Record-holders line up to attend Convocation@IBRoffice

IBR Convocation is to honour record-holders: Neerja Roy Chowdhury

The Convocation@IBRoffice, a much-awaited event held every month at the corporate office of the India Book Records (IBR) at IMT, Sector 68, Faridabad, has been attracting a large segment of record-holders. People are enthusiastically lining up for the upcoming events. The second edition of the Convocation was a big hit with guests from different states. 

Mrs Neerja Roy Chowdhury, Managing Editor, IBR, said, “This is a proud moment for us to welcome our record-holders from across India. The convocation ceremony is to honour them for their passion and talent. The kind of response we have been receiving is overwhelming. Talent and courage must be encouraged to take things to the next level. Record-holders are extraordinary people and they deserve respect and motivation.”

The record-holders included CM Vishnav Samraat (Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh), Jetavath Mothilal (Nalgonda, Telangana), Durga Sheshrao Thakre (Pune), Khushnuma Sanobar (Deoghar, Jharkhand), Zillar Rahman (Murshidabad, West Bengal), Raj Kumar Sharma and Dipesh Shyamsunder Biyani (Mumbai), Atharav Pollai (Sambalpur, Odisha), Krishnamurthy KS (Shivamogga, Karnataka), Alankrita Akhil A (Alappuzha, Kerala), Laija G (Kollam, Kerala), MD Giash Uddin (Kamrup, Assam), Dr BR Hiremath, Advaith Ram Reddy (Bengaluru), Tanvi Sanjayrao Nalamwar (Gondia, Maharashtra), Shrikant Tukaram Kajave (Kolhapur), Bharadwaj DVRS (Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh), Neha S Krishnan (Kottayam, Kerala), Arnav Rout (Khorda, Odisha), Sreyas RC, Sunil Venjaramoodu (Thiruvananthapuram), Geeta, Priya and Ritu Yadav (Gurugram), Sanjay Arora, Commissioner of Police (Delhi).

The programme witnessed live performances of some of the record-holders. The guests were from all age groups from kids to elderly people. Mrs Neerja Roy Chowdhury felicitated them with a trophy, memento and gift hampers. Photoshoots, media interviews and a tour of the IBR office made the event memorable for one and all. Seats for the next convocation are already full and booking is open for the December month’s convocation. Log on to the website for more details and registration: www.indiabookofrecords.in/ibrconvocation/.

The Achievers

The record for reciting the names of the maximum number of celestial bodies was set by a child, CM Vishnav Samraat for reciting the names of 170 celestial bodies. The record for making the largest wall painting using chalk and natural materials was set by another child, Sreyas RC of Kerala. Jetavath Mothila of Telangana was appreciated for his efficient work as Deputy Sthapathi in Yadagirigutta Temple Development Authority). The maximum number of videos of rangoli designs were made and uploaded on YouTube by Durga Sheshrao Thakre of Pune. Khushnuma Sanobar of Jharkhand was appreciated for writing a poetry book with 45 poems titled ‘I Have Abandoned My Own Words’.

Zillar Rahman of Murshidabad was appreciated for authoring a book titled Universal Competitive Maths in Bengali language. The record for covering the maximum distance during multiple cycle rides was set by Raj Kumar Sharma of Navi Mumbai. Atharav Pollai of Odisha was appreciated for recalling 48 mobile numbers in 8 minutes and 58 seconds at the age of 4 years. The record for making the largest wooden fountain pen was set by Krishnamurthy KS of Karnataka. Alankrita Akhil A of Kerala was appreciated for identifying the flags of 10 countries and other things. The record for writing the names of all the districts of Kerala in Malayalam mirror writing was set by Laija G. The record for publishing a book with the maximum number of QR codes generated for all poems was set by Sunil Venjaramoodu of Kerala.

The record for growing the longest okra plant was set by MD Giash Uddin of Assam. The record for being the first Indian team of sisters to win bronze medals in a Taekwondo international championship was set by Geeta Yadav, Priya Yadav and Ritu Yadav of Gurugram. The record for the maximum number of people participating in a drug awareness walkathon was set up by Dr BR Hiremath, Dy Commissioner of Excise, Bengaluru Urban District 6. The record for making the charcoal portrait of Sushant Singh Rajput was set by Tanvi SanjayraoNalamwar of Maharashtra. The record for performing the maximum number of body joint cracks was set by Dipesh Shyamsunder Biyani of Mumbai.

The record for performing the maximum number of whistling techniques was set by Shrikant Tukaram Kajave of Maharashtra. The record for being the youngest software developer was set by Bharadwaj DVRS of Andhra Pradesh. The record for identifying the maximum number of human bones in one minute was set by Advaith Ram Reddy (born on August 3, 2020) in Bengaluru, Karnataka. He identified 11 human bones in one minute, at the age of less than 2 years. The record for being the fastest to recite the names of all the Asian countries was set by Neha S Krishnan of Kerala. Arnav Rout of Odisha, was appreciated for solving multiplication, addition and subtraction. The record for the maximum number of people who participated in a hybrid drug awareness pledge, was set by Delhi Police under the leadership of Sanjay Arora, CP, Delhi.

Pavita Jones