DataMail Empowers Users with Innovative ‘Block’ Feature for Effortless Email Control

DataMail Empowers Users with Innovative ‘Block’ Feature for Effortless Email Control

DataMail, a leading provider of email solutions, introduced its revolutionary Xgenplus 'Block' feature, designed to transform mailbox management. This innovative feature enables users to take complete control of their inbox, blocking certain senders conveniently, efficiently managing unwanted emails and streamlining their email experience. Its user-friendly design and flexibility set Xgenplus' 'Block' feature apart.

The DataMail Xgenplus 'Block' feature allows users to manage unwanted emails by selecting specific users to block.  Users can now easily isolate or block emails from specific accounts with just a simple search, either by using direct names or advanced filters. This selection process simplifies the management of unwanted communications from various sources, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Also, users can swiftly clear their inboxes of unwanted emails by moving them to the trash with just one decisive click.

“'Block' feature is a game-changer in email management. It empowers users to efficiently control their inboxes and eliminate unwanted distractions, making email management convenient. We believe this feature will redefine the way people interact with their email,” said Mr. Ajay Data, Managing Director, Data Group

DataMail Xgenplus is a leading email solution provider that empowers organisations and individuals with secure and efficient email communication. With a commitment to innovation and user-friendly solutions, Xgenplus continues to enhance the email experience for its users.

Pavita Jones