Celebration of Records at IBR Convocation

Celebration of Records at IBR Convocation

Jubilation of Records at Convocation@IBRoffice

In a dazzling spectacle, the third edition of the Convocation@IBRoffice event was held successfully, transforming the India Book of Records (IBR) premises into a euphoric celebration of passionate achievers. The entire IBR Team joined hands to honor and celebrate the remarkable achievements of the esteemed IBR achievers.

The achievers included Gantem Shouri Aryan, Yunay Gupta, Urvinder Pal Singh, Rakesh Kumar Chauhan, Aadithyan AV, Aaral Pravin Jadhavar, Shivkant Indoria Bhardwaj, Burzin Tehmtan Engineer, Yoddha Ramkrishna, Pawan Bansal, Manan Singh Tuli, Yug Jitendra Punjabi, Hruday Bharadwaj S, Preeti, Shivansh Bansal, Dr Pradeep Kumar Bhardwaj, Angad Bhardwaj, and Pankaj Jain.

Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury (Dr BRC), the visionary editor-in-chief of India Book of Records, shared insights into the journey of IBR, instilling pride and motivation. Dr BRC bestowed mementos upon the achievers, as the applicants shared a leaf out of their success journeys. Dr BRC briefed the guests and honored them, closing the ceremony on a high note for the achievers. Convocation@IBRoffice not only celebrated records but also became a beacon of inspiration, motivating each individual to reach new heights in their chosen vocations.

The event acted as a catalyst, reigniting the flame of talent within each participant, and inspiring them to strive for excellence. The achievers shared their stories, exemplifying perseverance and dedication. The presence of media ensured that the unsung stories of these achievers echoed far and wide, turning them into local and national stars.

India Book of Records was established in 2006. A team of talented professionals, led by Managing Editor, Mrs Neerja Roy Chowdhury, work tirelessly, following the International Protocol for Records. The 19th edition of the India Book of Records (2024) is about to be released soon. It is associated with the Asia Book of Records and boasts a records database of more than 50,000 entries. For more information, log on to the website: www.indiabookofrecords.in

Pavita Jones