Dazzling showcase of extraordinary accomplishments at IBR

Dazzling showcase of extraordinary accomplishments at IBR

In a dazzling showcase of extraordinary accomplishments, Convocation@IBRoffice has left an indelible mark, enveloping all in the magic of success. The event unfolded with a heartwarming celebration, welcoming record holders and their families to partake in the joyous festivities.

Convocation@IBRoffice is more than a celebration of records; it is a celebration of individuals, their unwavering belief, and the collective spirit that propels them to greatness. The participants included Arun Yashwantrao Kulkarni, Prateek Prashanth, R. Krishiv, Sidhaan Chopra, R. Harsha Vardhan, Ivanshika V.T., Saroj Mishra, A. Bhuvaneswari, Suryagayathri, Balkrishna Laxman Surve, Siya Sachin Kaikadi, S. Sarvesh Aathreya, Dr. Anurag Srivastava, K. R. Baboo, Pothana Vijaya Chandra Prasad, Dr. Harshit Tiwari, Upendra Rana, Pragyat Prasun, Satvik Mohapatra, S. Sudeesh Arnav, and Indu Bhushan Bali.

The enchanting evening commenced with a warm reception adorned with traditional vermillion and a cascade of flowers, creating an ambiance that set the stage for jubilation. Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury (Dr. BRC), and Managing Editor, Mrs. Neerja Roy Chowdhury, personally extended their warm wishes to each achiever in the splendid setting of the India Book of Records' grand building.
Dr. BRC and Mrs. Neerja Roy Chowdhury honored achievers with sashes and trophies, emphasizing the indispensable role played by family and loved ones in their remarkable success. The Achievers’ Hall witnessed not just recognition but also became a platform for achievers to inspire others with their stories.
Arun Yashwantrao Kulkarni of Akola narrated his experience of climbing the Guru Dattatreya Temple and completing Girnar Parvat parikrama despite knee replacement and old age. Prateek Prashanth was the youngest qualified scuba diver. Saroj Mishra sang a few devotional songs of Lord Rama. Dr. Harshit Tiwari of Tikamgarh narrated his tale of curing brain tumor by naturopathy techniques under the guidance of Dr. BRC.

Dr. Anurag Srivastava set a record for providing homeopathic medicine to people during COVID-19. S. Sarvesh Aathreya was introduced as someone who had read 100 illustrated English words. KR Baboo made a record for running the oldest tailoring shop in Ahmedabad. Pragyat Prasun of Tripura made a record for being in the tortoise pose (Kurmasana) for the longest duration. Satvik Mohapatra proved his skill of recalling all countries and capitals by their flags. S. Sudeesh Arnav of Chennai was a baby girl who set the record for lifting the maximum amount of weight. Many others also performed on the stage.

Pavita Jones