Type Beauty expands product portfolio, launches its breakthrough product —The Set Me Up Setting Spray in 3 variants.

Type Beauty expands product portfolio, launches its breakthrough product —The Set Me Up Setting Spray in 3 variants.

Type Beauty, a high-performance makeup brand has established itself as safe and inclusive beauty gaining recognition as the go-to makeup line that goes a step further towards a remedial homegrown makeup brand in its milestone journey of a year. To mark the celebratory breakthrough of creating an easy way to touch up SPF, while on the go. Type’s latest addition to its product line is the Set Me Up Setting Spray—A lightweight mist in three variants that doubles up as a prep wizard and a make-up setting spray, ensuring the glow stays from dawn to dusk.


The product incorporates different variants, each with varying properties of Hydration, Brightening, and Mattifying. These light mists prep your bare skin for a lasting makeup of 12 hours, which are affordable, shielding and adds to the charm of your look. Best of all, at Rs. 799/-


First in line is Set Me Up Hydrating Setting Spray,infused with micro pearl. This leaves the skin with a dewy look and a day long moisture retention due to ingredients like Polyglutamic acid, Sodium DNA and squalane. Peptides present in this mist aid in strengthening the skin barrier and prevents fine lines. The Set me up Brightening setting spray enhanced with Vitamin C and Alpha Arbutin to brighten the skin from within, visibly reducing dark spots and dullness over time for a gorgeous natural finish. The star Set Me Up Mattifying Setting Sprayis designed for a soft matte oil controlling finish, perfect for oily skin. Ingredients like Niacinamide and Upsalite help balance the oil production of the skin from within, visibly reducing shine on your natural skin overtime.


To treat you more, Type has upped the ante with SPF 35 Pa ++++, exclusively featuring Korean sunscreen filters in all the variants, making your on-the-go SPF reapplication effortless, guarding against sun damage (for up to 12 hours) and ageing with one use. Apart from prepping the bare skin, it shields skin from environmental pollutants.


“Within the essence of Type Beauty, our relentless pursuit is to curate products that bring out your individuality and brilliance. The latest creation effortlessly enhances your beauty, offering ease of application and more. The virtual event served as a narrative, weaving the tale of our product’s journey and offering a glimpse into the realm of Type Beauty. With more such innovations on our horizon, I envision Type Beauty evolving into a canvas of self-expression for all.” says Ananya Kapur, Founder Type Beauty Inc.


The virtual launch on December 20th showcased the brand's commitment to redefining beauty standards. Participants had a unique opportunity to experience the Set Me Up Setting Spray before the event through curated packages. Ananya Kapur, the brand's founder, presented the product's active ingredients, providing valuable insights. Following the presentation, a live makeup masterclass demonstrated the remarkable setting spray's compatibility with a 'soft girl' look. The  remarkable setting spray and its compatibility with makeup took to the spotlight— setting tone that convenience never compromises elegance. The event smoothly transitioned to a Q&A session, delving into application techniques and first impressions.


The brand was thrilled to receive such positive feedback from the beauty media and influencers present at the virtual launch event. The success of the event reaffirms Type’s position as a leader in innovation and its dedication to delivering high-quality beauty solutions.



Pavita Jones