Got immense success in making and selling pickles

Got immense success in making and selling pickles

Praveen Thull, a 41 year old young man with higher secondary school education background from Master Colony Sawangi Meghe, Wardha has developed “Various Types of Pickles” under the guidance of Dr. Aparajita Vardhan from Bio-Processing and Herbal Division, MGIRI, Wardha in April 2015-March 2016. Took training in making. He had a grocery store and also prepared some pickles domestically, but he faced batch uniformity problems. To solve this difficulty he went to “District Industries Centre, Wardha”, where he got information about the training program of MGIRI.

Immediately after successfully completing the training program at MGIRI he has started the work of preparing “various types of pickles” from Master Colony Sawangi Meghe, Wardha with a capacity of 100 kg per day. The monthly turnover of the different types of pickles prepared by him is Rs 1.5 lakh, out of which the profit is Rs 40-45 thousand. He is employing 4 people. He has taken financial assistance under Mudra Loan Scheme. Marketing is being done at local and state level under the brand name “Sumedha Griha Udyog”.

After he started making pickles he faced some difficulties in production and MGIRI solved his problem by guiding him practically at Bio-Processing and Herbal Division, MGIRI. He is regularly taking technical assistance in preparing pickles through bio-processing and herbal division and this support will be given to him in future also.

He would like to expand his business from small to large scale. Presently he is mainly making mango pickle, chilli pickle, lemon pickle and carrot pickle. He can also start making other types of pickles.


Pavita Jones