Shark Tank India Season 3 Recognizes Conscious Chemist for Exceptional Product Quality”

Shark Tank India Season 3 Recognizes Conscious Chemist for Exceptional Product Quality”

Robin Gupta and Prakher Mathur, the visionary co-founders of Conscious Chemist, took center stage on the first episode’s premiere of Shark Tank India 3 with a determined objective—to emphasize the integral role of chemistry in our lives, advocating for the use of science-backed, researched, and reliable skincare products. Conscious Chemist is a transformative & futuristic skincare brand that prides itself on factual, trustworthy, compassionate, sophisticated and intelligent brand identity. They not only help achieve your skincare goals but also target the complex concerns of the environment by doing their bit for the planet, with the most safe and potent skincare ingredients.


Their pitch, which focused on how chemicals are all around us, prompted an active discussion among the sharks like Anupam Mittal acknowledging how commercially terms “chemical,” “all natural,” and “toxin-free” are exploited. On the other hand, the Conscious Chemist team distinguished themselves by demonstrating a dedication to genuineness and openness in product development, with chemicals that only do you good! The panel of industry experts had been greatly impressed by their product, “Hybrid SPF 50 PA++++ Sun Drink™️ – Ceramide Sunscreen,” which captured the attention of the experts.  The invention was praised by Namita Thapar, Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited, who pointed out that conventional sunscreens with SPF 50 frequently have trouble penetrating the skin. CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics Shark Vineeta Singh commented, pointing out the typical white cast that many sunscreens leave behind. The duo of women entrepreneurs not only praised Conscious Chemist's sunscreen for its remarkable absorption but also applauded its ability to hydrate hands which set a new standard in skincare innovation.


Praising the brand further, Vineeta Singh revealed that one of the well-known influencers had contacted her, complimenting Conscious Chemist and pitched in that the brand be taken into consideration from acquisition standpoint. This was an inspiring moment for the Co-founders, which only boosted their morale.


“Conscious Chemist is honored to receive recognition from Shark Namita, Anupam, and Vineeta. Since our inception, our unwavering commitment has been directed towards developing high-performance products with a primary focus on efficacy. This endorsement further fortifies the trust in our brand. Our aim going forward is to incorporate their valuable feedback into our strategic expansion plans”, quoted Robin Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, of Conscious Chemist.


Additionally, Prakher Mathur, Co-founder of Conscious Chemist, stated, “SunDrink Sunscreen emerged as a standout product during the enthusiastic reception from our 100+ beauty community members, who highly praised the Ceramide Sunscreen. Their anticipation for its launch fueled our commitment to introducing additional exemplary products that make an impactful impression from day one. Our dedication to formulating more effective products is now more resolute than ever”.


Furthermore, Shark Vineeta Singh and Anupam Mittal were witnessed expressing their admiration for the brand's packaging, further highlighting the attention to detail that Conscious Chemist brings to every aspect of its products. Shark, Vineeta Singh, commented, “I love your packaging! To look trustable but still fun is very tough. So, I think the logo, the packaging is amazing.” 


As the episode aired on Sony TV, the Conscious Chemist journey on Shark Tank India 3 serves as proof of the brand's commitment for adapting to the changing skincare market, one that presents a huge scope for evidence-backed & scientifically proven products in the skincare segment.

Pavita Jones