The Convocation at IBR Office Shines Bright!

The Convocation at IBR Office Shines Bright!


Convocation at the IBR office transforms dreams into reality


Another grand Convocation@IBRoffice unfolded its magic. Welcoming the revered record holders and their families, the festivity kicked off with a heartening reception adorned with traditional vermillion and a cascade of flowers, setting the stage for joy and triumph. A captivating tour of the IBR office preceded a rendezvous in the Achiever’s Hall, where achievers shared their compelling journeys, unraveling tales of resilience and determination.


The achievers who got felicitated included Mandar Madhukar Tamhankar, V Kavinah, PT Mithran Dev, Dr Santosh Kumar Guptha, Ravutla Aarohi Shreyashree, Neil Bajaj, Anurag Palei, S Varsha, Inayatulla Ayat Mulani, Ansh Rahul Kanchan, Debojyoti Bandyopadhyay, Dhitya Praveen, Sharvi R Shetty, Rayna H. Meghani, Suryansh Singh, KA Ghouse Hyder, Joshita Sharma, Abhiraj Shee and Neel Siwal.

Mandar Madhukar Tamhankar of Pune, Maharashtra covered a 19,650 km distance in 28 days in Australia. V Kavinah of Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, sang 24 lines of the Tamil song 'Thiruppugazh'. PT Mithran Dev of Chennai showed his sharp memory. Dr Santosh Kumar Guptha of Hyderabad got certified in 37 medical coding and billing courses. Ravutla Aarohi Shreyashree of Nizamabad, Telangana, and Neil Bajaj of Jammu, demonstrated their sharp memory skills. S Varsha of Vellore, Tamil Nadu, wrote a journal ‘If We Were Them’ on transgender issues.

Inayatulla Ayat Mulani of Pune solved 5-digit multiplication sums in one minute, and Ansh Rahul Kanchan did a similar activity. Debojyoti Bandyopadhyay of Bardhaman, West Bengal, wrote three published research papers. Dhitya Praveen of Bengaluru, Karnataka, Sharvi R Shetty of Dharwad, Karnataka, and Rayna H Meghani of Kolkata showed their mental powers. Suryansh Singh showed his writing skills. KA Ghouse Hyder of Warangal, Telangana sang 830 songs, while Joshita Sharma of Jaipur, made a huge replica of the National Emblem of India. Abhiraj Shee and Neel Siwal of Kolkata demonstrated their impressive acts to get recognition from the India Book of Records. 

Pavita Jones