NORD Drivesystems, Two offers for warehouse logistics

NORD Drivesystems, Two offers for warehouse logistics

Two offers for warehouse logistics
With the LogiDrive solution space, NORD offers its warehouse logistics customers two industry-optimised drive concepts. LogiDrive Advanced and LogiDrive Basic both impress with their low weight and compact installation space. In addition, they are optimised for different factors.

NORD-LogiDrive.jpg: LogiDrive is an energy-efficient, service-friendly and standardised modular system for warehouse logistics requirements Image: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

Chain and roller conveyors, belt and pallet conveyors, container and overhead conveyors: In warehouse logistics, they all require reliable drives with sufficient power for the corresponding application. This is guaranteed by both solutions from the drive specialist NORD. Furthermore, both feature maximum user-friendliness, easy wiring, low weight and compact installation space. What sets them apart: LogiDrive Advanced was optimised for energy efficiency and LogiDrive Basic with regards to costs.

The drive solutions in detail:
• LogiDrive Advanced
       o Highly efficient IE5+ synchronous motor
       o Decentralised NORDAC ON+ frequency inverter, which was specially designed for combination with the IE5+
       o A gear unit from the NORD portfolio

• LogiDrive Basic
       o IE3 asynchronous motor
       o Decentralised NORDAC ON frequency inverter
       o A gear unit from the NORD portfolio

According to the customer’s requirements: Focus on costs or energy efficiency
The LogiDrive Advanced drive solution ensures maximum energy efficiency and thus achieves high savings in CO2 emissions. It achieves its very high efficiency via large speed and load ranges, and allows for a variant reduction. This is particularly attractive for large systems with numerous drives: Fewer drive variants in a system result in streamlined logistics, warehouse and service processes and thus in reduced administrative costs.

The components of the LogiDrive Basic are perfectly matched. They meet all essential warehouse application standards and impress with a large adjustment range. This drive solution does not offer maximum efficiency but features low investment costs.

Whether LogiDrive Advanced or LogiDrive Basic: The decision is determined by the specific application requirements. Either way, the user receives a perfectly industry-optimised solution, including a frequency inverter with integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface. Furthermore, both solutions are equipped with all international certifications and can thus be used worldwide, which is important for globally active companies.

NORD-conveyors.jpg: Pallet and container conveyors are driven by the LogiDrive drive system in the warehouse area Image: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

Meta title: NORD: Two offers for warehouse logistics
Meta description: The drives from the LogiDrive solution space impress with their low weight and compact installation space.

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