Synergia S.A. Identifies India as Key Market for Trade and Investment, Reinforcing Greece’s Global Economic Footprint

Synergia S.A. Identifies India as Key Market for Trade and Investment, Reinforcing Greece’s Global Economic Footprint

Synergia S.A., a leading investment consulting firm headquartered in Greece, announces its strategic decision to designate India as one of the most important markets for trade and investment, further bolstering Greece's position on the global economic stage. Recognizing India's growing significance as a hub for diverse opportunities and sustainable growth, Synergia S.A. is committed to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and facilitating strategic investments between Greece and India.

India's robust economic growth, coupled with its burgeoning market potential across various sectors, makes it an attractive destination for Greek businesses and investors seeking expansion opportunities abroad. Synergia S.A.'s decision to prioritize India underscores its deep-rooted commitment to facilitating cross-border trade and investment and driving economic prosperity for both nations.

Marika Tsigkanou, Vice President & Head – Corporate Office at Synergia S.A., shared her insights on the strategic importance of India and the firm's commitment to fostering bilateral ties:“As we embark on this journey to strengthen our ties with India, we recognize the immense potential it holds for Greek businesses and investors and vice-versa. India's vibrant economy, coupled with its rich cultural heritage and entrepreneurial spirit, presents a wealth of opportunities for collaboration and growth. At Synergia S.A., we are committed to leveraging our expertise and networks to facilitate meaningful partnerships and drive sustainable investments that benefit both Greece and India. By identifying India as one of our key markets, we aim to contribute to the continued growth and prosperity of both nations.”

In addition to its focus on enhancing trade and investment relations between Greece and India, Synergia S.A. also offers expertise in facilitating the Golden Visa Greece program. The Golden Visa program, initiated by the Greek government, offers non-European investors and their families the opportunity to obtain residency in Greece by investing in real estate or other eligible assets. Through its comprehensive advisory services, Synergia S.A. assists clients in navigating the intricacies of the Golden Visa program, facilitating a seamless and efficient application process.

Synergia S.A.'s commitment to fostering trade and investment between Greece and India, coupled with its expertise in the Golden Visa Greece program, underscores the company's dedication to driving economic growth and facilitating global partnerships.

Pavita Jones