FundsIndia Unveils Comprehensive Employee Benefits Program Amidst Ambitious Growth Plans

FundsIndia Unveils Comprehensive Employee Benefits Program Amidst Ambitious Growth Plans

          FundsIndia empowers employees with ESOPs and NPS,

In a strategic move to foster employee loyalty and encourage long-term commitment, the Chennai headquartered FundsIndia, India's leading online investment platform, has officially launched its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and National Pension Scheme (NPS) for all its employees.

The ESOP is an unprecedented initiative covering employees across all levels, demonstrating FundsIndia's commitment to inclusivity and recognizing the integral role each staff member in the company's success. By granting stock options to all employees, FundsIndia seeks to align their interests with the organization's long-term objectives, fostering a shared sense of ownership and motivation.

Furthermore, FundsIndia is extending the opportunity for its employees to participate in the National Pension Scheme (NPS), reinforcing its commitment to employee welfare and financial security. The company will make the first contribution on behalf of its employees, providing them with an additional social security cover and the chance to benefit from higher tax breaks while building a robust retirement fund.

Mr. Girirajan Murugan, CEO of FundsIndia, expressed enthusiasm about the initiatives, stating, “FundsIndia has been committed to supporting the career growth and aspirations of our employees. This announcement reiterates our commitment to inclusivity and shared access to long-term financial benefits for them. FundsIndia is in a growth phase now. So, we want our employees to be onboard at the beginning of this growth phase itself, so they gain considerably from the future growth.”

“Moreover, offering NPS, introduced as part of the comprehensive employee benefits program, serves as an extra layer of financial protection and stability for employees, complementing the existing array of benefits provided by the company,” he adds.

FundsIndia, currently well-positioned to enhance its investment offerings and expand its presence as one of India's most trusted financial services brands, invites aspiring individuals to consider joining the company. The company envisions hiring a large number of new talents by December 2024 as it enters a phase of rapid growth.The firm is particularly interested in candidates with a strong technical background and a deep understanding of financial markets, products, and services to meet the evolving needs of its diverse customer base.

As fintech continues to evolve, FundsIndia is at the forefront, providing users with a simple, faster, cheaper, and more convenient way to access financial services, thus supporting multiple aspirations, from tapping new market segments to exploring opportunities in foreign markets.

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