Orry’s spotted with India’s newest girl band in town W.i.S.H.

Orry’s spotted with India’s newest girl band in town W.i.S.H.


Orry’s LAZEEZ moves with W.I.S.H. girls set the internet on fire!

Hold onto your hats, folks, because we've got some piping-hot gossip for you! Once again Orry caused a stir, this time in BKC.

Orry, the internet's darling, was spotted with a new girl band in town – the dazzling quartet W.i.S.H.! But it gets even juicier. Witnesses couldn't get enough of Orry's playful banter with the paparazzi. Orry was seen flaunting his phone cover and introducing his new friends whom he called the Spice Girls of India. He was very sweet and checked why the paps were looking sad and not in their usual good mood. But what really set pulses racing was the ‘Lazeez’ moves by Orry and the gorgeous girl group.

But wait, there's more! Orry didn't just leave the excitement outside; he brought it straight to Instagram! His stories with the W.i.S.H. girls have set the internet ablaze. In his latest pictures, Orry is seen teaching the girls his quintessential “Orry Pose”. It looks like they were having a great time hanging out. What's the story behind this captivating snapshot? Could this unexpected rendezvous mean Orry is gearing up to join the band, or perhaps he's already part of the musical enchantment? Or is there more to this friendship than meets the eye?

As fans eagerly await answers, one thing's for sure – Orry and the W.i.S.H. girls have everyone talking, and the excitement is just beginning!

See here https://www.instagram.com/reel/C3z_ptHs3JI/



Pavita Jones