India Book Records honors achievers at 6th Convocation

India Book Records honors achievers at 6th Convocation

IBR convocation ceremony brings talented minds together
India Book of Records (IBR) felicitated achievers and record makers at the 6th Convocation. Achievers from all over the country visited the IBR head office in Faridabad (Delhi NCR). The invited achievers, arrived with their family members, witnessed the process of record verification, and narrated their success stories and struggles to realize their dreams. Such convocation events are organized regularly to motivate and connect with the record makers.

Those who attended the 6th Convocation@IBRoffice ceremony included Krishna Priya C. of Palakkad; Surya Hariprasad of Changanassery; Muhammad Hamiz Ibnu Ajmal of Pathanamthitta; Sooraj B T of Wayanad; Adharv Krishnan of Kottayam; Karthik R. of Palakkad; and Sreehari Suresh (all from Kerala); Dr. Raj Rup Fuliya, IAS (Retd) of Kurukshetra, Haryana; Kavya Harika Dendukuri of Chennai, Tamil Nadu; Rushika C. of Mysuru; Yana A. Jain of Bengaluru; Blessina Angel S. of Bengaluru (all from Karnataka); Prisha Agarwal and Pawan Bansal from Delhi;  Jahnavi Singh of Muzaffarpur, Bihar; Saket Nagabhushan K.M. of Hyderabad, Telangana; Raina Sultana of Birbhum, West Bengal; and Sivansh Naga Aditya Kasukurthy of Pune, Maharashtra.

Krishna Priya was felicitated for making the world-famous Kalpathy Chariot temple on a glass bottle. Dr. Raj Rup Fuliya, IAS (Retd) was honored for singing the maximum number of songs in various languages. Surya Hariprasad, Sreehari Suresh, and Prisha Agarwal mesmerized everyone by solving different Rubik’s Cubes. Sooraj B T was appreciated for drawing sketches of famous monuments of India. Kavya Harika Dendukuri was admired for getting admission to the Post Doctoral Fellowship in liver diseases (Hepatology). Adharv Krishnan is known for solving jigsaw puzzles,

Jahnavi Singh was appreciated for receiving the ‘Girl Up’ award of $500 from the United Nations Foundation and Rushika for breaking glass sheets with a single gloved hand. Karthik R. achieved numerous certificates in Cloud Computing Services and Pawan Bansal gained recognition for maintaining handwritten bank transactions for years. Muhammad Hamiz Ibnu Ajmal, Yana A. Jain, Saket Nagabhushan K.M., Sivansh Naga Aditya Kasukurthy, and Raina Sultana were applauded for their sharp memory. Blessina Angel S. was appreciated for making a small-sized paper boat in 52 seconds.

Pavita Jones