Danish Car Subscription Service Expands in Europe with New Franchisee

Danish Car Subscription Service Expands in Europe with New Franchisee

:Dribe, one of Denmark’s leading car subscription services, has entered a franchise agreement with Greek car distributor Kosmocar. The partnership marks the first milestone in :Dribe’s international expansion, driven by an ambition to fulfill a global demand for a strong, digitally driven concept for simple and flexible car access.


As a first in Europe, the Greek car distributor Kosmocar enters a franchise partnership with :Dribe, a Danish tech innovator within car subscription services for private consumers and businesses. Kosmocar is now unveiling :Dribe’s concept and digital platform, enabling simple and intuitive management of car subscriptions, while short 30-day binding periods provide subscribers with great flexibility and freedom.


The partnership is the first step in :Dribe’s international expansion, where the company plans to enter franchise agreements in the UK, the Benelux, France, German, and more. Their international roll-out will cater to the dynamic, urban lifestyle through simple and flexible car access. Yiannis Emirzas, CEO of Kosmocar, is optimistic about the new partnership.


– With this franchise agreement, we are taking a confident step towards meeting the evolving needs for simple, flexible, and sustainable mobility solutions. :Dribe offers us valuable knowhow in addition to a robust, highly advanced IT-platform and a plug-and-play model that is easy to implement, says Yiannis Emirzas. He adds:


– By adding a well-tested, customer-driven subscription model to our existing business, we're expanding our mobility services, and we are putting the power of mobility back into the hands of people. We're excited to embark on this journey and shape the way people move in Greece.


According to a 2024 report from McKinsey Digital, digitalization can significantly increase profitability in the Greek retail sector. The report further notes that Greece’s digitalization is lacking behind that of its European peers. It’s no coincidence that :Dribe looked to Greece as the first destination in :Dribe’s European expansion. Jesper Hill-Kjærsgaard, CEO of :Dribe, says:


– We see a substantial, unrecognized potential in Greece, where we have a competitive edge in having built a powerful digital platform that allows for efficient administration of an extensive fleet of vehicles. Our :Dribe-platform facilitates a subscription-based business model that requires minimal manual intervention and optimizes resource utility, says Jesper Hill-Kjærsgaard. He adds:


– We immediately saw a perfect match in Kosmocar. Like us, they are digital natives who adapt to new technologies and are passionate about meeting market demand for simple and flexible car access.


An Important Milestone

:Dribe is owned by Semler Group, one of the biggest players in the Danish automotive business. Ulrik Drejsig, CEO of Semler Group, agrees that the new franchise agreement is an important milestone.


– During our century-long history, our company has experienced first-hand the constant change that occurs in the auto business. We have invested in :Dribe’s car subscription-model to embrace a relational business method. Now, five years into our journey, we are taking the first important step into the European market, and we are proud to have Kosmocar by our side, says Ulrik Drejsig.


The new franchise agreement between :Dribe and Kosmocar is founded on a common set of values.


– Innovation, trust, cooperation, and accountability are four values that we strive to demonstrate daily to our customers and business partners. We consider it as a major perk to have found a franchisee who shares our values, and we are very excited about our partnership, says Jesper Hill-Kjærsgaard.


Pavita Jones