First test of 1500 horse power engine in Mysuru

First test of 1500 horse power engine in Mysuru

The first test of India's first indigenous 1500 horse power (HP) engine for main battle tanks was conducted in Mysore, Karnataka on Wednesday. Defense Secretary Giridhar Aramane presided over the test-firing conducted at BEML's engine division in Mysuru and said it was “a transformative moment that will enhance the capabilities of the armed forces”.

The 1500 HP engine represents a new evolution in the Army's propulsion systems, incorporating several state-of-the-art features such as high power-to-weight ratio, ability to operate in harsh conditions including high altitudes, sub-zero temperatures and deserts. Are. Equipped with modern technology, this engine is at par with the most modern engines available all over the world.

“This achievement marks the beginning of a new era in the country's defense capabilities, demonstrating technical prowess and commitment towards self-reliance in defense technologies,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement.


Pavita Jones