BloomBuds ASD Life Trust Enabling South East District Delhi Police Force to Ensure Fair and Equitable Justice System for Autism and ADHD

BloomBuds ASD Life Trust Enabling South East District Delhi Police Force to Ensure Fair and Equitable Justice System for Autism and ADHD

BloomBuds ASD Life Trust, a leading NGO supporting families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, and other mental disabilities, is pleased to announce the successful execution of a two-hour workshop in collaboration with the South East District- Delhi Police Force. With more than 40 attendees from every South East Delhi police station, the workshop aimed to strengthen the understanding of handling autistic cases and ensuring fairness within the criminal justice system, incorporating extensive guidelines from the Police Cooperation for Autism in India (PCAI) developed by BloomBuds ASD Life Trust. 

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The workshop provided interactive training sessions and practical insights, drawing upon BloomBuds extensive expertise in the field. Participants were introduced to the PCAI guidelines, offering essential guidance for law enforcement professionals in their interactions with individuals with ASD, ADHD, and other relatedmental disorders. 


Key takeaways from the workshop included: 


·         Audio-visual presentations illustrating real-life scenarios involving individuals with Autism that can be debilitating to them and other members of society. 

·         Deepened understanding of ASD, ADHD, and related mental disorders. 

·         Strategies for addressing the unique challenges faced by individuals with Autism during arrest, interrogation, or during criminal trial procedure. 

·         Practical tips for identifying and recognizing Autism& ADHD, emphasizing empathy and individual differences. 

·         Guidelines for sensitive and effective communication when interacting with individuals with ASD & ADHD as victims, witnesses, or perpetrators. 

·         Plea to be forward looking and start a mapping exercise to enumerate and recognize cases with Autism in our society. 


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Ms. Monica Singhal Kumar, Founder of BloomBuds ASD Life Trust, expressed her pride in the collaboration, stating, “We are proud to work with the South – EastDistrictDelhi Police Force in enhancing Autism & ADHD awareness and promoting a fair and inclusive society. With increasing cases of Autism custodies worldwide, it became particularly important to conduct this workshop. It is critical that India becomes proactive than reactive in delivering justice to people with Autism & ADHD.” 


“We are truly appreciative of the knowledge shared with us regarding Autism Awareness to enhance the understanding within our team, we plan to organize regular training programs for our inspectors and staff. We recognize the challenges of our busy schedules yet,


understand the importance of handling situations involving individuals with Autism & ADHD with care and legal sensitivity,” said J.S. Mishra, ACP, PG Cell & District Investigation Unit South East District Delhi. 

ACP J.S Mishra highlighted the impact of the BloomBuds ASD Life Trust Workshop in evolving perspectives and improving interactions with the individuals on the Autism Spectrum & ADHD. “The workshop has opened our eyes to the importance of treating all ASD & ADHD individuals with dignity and respect,” he added. 


He elaborated, noting, “The issues you’ve raised bear resemblance to those addressed in the Juvenile Justice Act, albeit currently awaiting implementation. Regrettably, there persists a widespread lack of comprehension and acknowledgment regarding these matters. However, it is incumbent upon us to confront and address them with the gravity they deserve.” 


Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for the invaluable insights gained and the practical tools provided during the workshop.


The workshop signifies a significant advancement in BloomBuds ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive environment for individuals with Autism in Indian society. Through collaborative initiatives like these, BloomBuds aims to encourage greater understanding, acceptance, and renewed ecosystem for individuals with ASD, ADHD, and related mental disorders. 


About BloomBuds ASD Life Trust: 

BloomBuds ASD Life Trust is dedicated to inclusion and support for families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and ADHD.  

BloomBuds is recognized for its expertise in the field of Autism & ADHD awareness and intervention through its education, advocacy, and support services.  


About South East District Delhi Police Force: 

South East District Delhi Police Force is a proud force serving Delhi under the government organization. Committed to upholding the law, ensuring public safety, and delivering justice, the force operates 24/7 to protect and serve the communities within its jurisdiction. Led by dedicated officers and personnel, the South East District Police Force works tirelessly to maintain peace and order, prevent crime, and respond to emergencies effectively.  


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