Indian Air Force launches Pan India emergency landing facility

Indian Air Force launches Pan India emergency landing facility

As a part of the ongoing Exercise Gagan Shakti-24 of the Indian Air Force (IAF), aircraft recently conducted Emergency Landing Facility (ELF) operation in the northern sector of Kashmir Valley. During this time a large number of troops were airlifted and later by night air landing was carried out using Chinook, Mi-17 V5 and ALH MK-III helicopters.

The Indian Air Force is also planning similar exercises in other areas by coordinating with the administration of the state governments to activate the emergency landing facility. Various fixed and rotary wing platforms of the Indian Air Force will conduct coordinated landings and operations at these emergency landing facilities. This will require efficient planning and coordination with the civil administration employing a whole-of-nation approach (WNA).

Emergency Landing Facility operations provide the Indian Air Force aircraft with the opportunity to operate from such restricted landing surfaces. Along with this, they are also capable of providing humanitarian aid in disaster relief operations to provide aid and relief during natural disasters. The ability to conduct night operations on these stretches of highways and move troops across such surfaces will significantly enhance the operational capabilities of the Indian Armed Forces.


Pavita Jones