Call for applications for Global Energy Prize 2024 closes

Call for applications for Global Energy Prize 2024 closes

The call for applications for the Global Energy Prize closed on April 19, 2024. More than 50 nomination submissions in total have been filed from every part of the world: Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas.


In the Conventional Energy category, the most popular topics include the exploration, production and transportation of fossil fuels and power generation at nuclear and thermal power plants. In the Non-Conventional Energy category, the largest number of submissions cover research in the field of renewables and hydrogen energy, while the New Ways of Energy Application category is dominated by developments in the field of materials science, as well as efficient use and storage of energy.


“The recent call for entries for the Global Energy Prize demonstrated continued interest in all three categories. This is not surprising, as growing demand for clean energy creates incentives to improve the efficiency of fossil fuels and establish new ways to produce heat and electricity. Thus, the Prize largely reflects current trends in energy, as well as the relationship between science and the real world,” said Rae Kwon Chung, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Chairman of the Global Energy Prize International Committee.


The applications compliant with the Statute on the Prize will be sent to be evaluated by independent experts who will rank the submissions on the basis of a fixed set of criteria, including scientific novelty and practical value. Fifteen of the best applications, five in each category, will make the short list from which the International Award Committee will select the winners.


The names of the laureates will be announced at a special ceremony, which will be held in the city of Ufa. The award ceremony will take place at the Russian Energy Week International Forum in Moscow in September 2024.


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Pavita Jones