EPLAN, Live from Sweden: Looking at the Practical Side of Production

EPLAN, Live from Sweden: Looking at the Practical Side of Production

Live from Sweden: Looking at the Practical Side of Production
The new episode of Eplan L!VE is taking place under the maxim “Bringing Production to Life.” The international online event, broadcasting live from Sweden this time around, will be taking a very close look at production: system integrator Sejfo and the experts from Eplan will be presenting how the Swedish company is driving its growth by using the Eplan Platform. This can also serve as a recommendation for action for other companies who want to bring their production to life – meaning making it more efficient.


Save the date: Eplan L!VE / 07 May 2024 / 2.30 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

After its successful premiere last year, the online event “Eplan L!VE” is having a second go of it. This time it will be a live report from the factory floor at Sejfo, a Swedish system integrator and supplier of machines and automation systems.

Best practices – but not just for plant operators and system integrators
During the two-and-a-half hour live broadcast, Sejfo and Eplan will show how the automation technology of a new production plant was designed – from the first planning step through to ongoing operations:
• Initial plant planning: standardised plant specifications with structured engineering
• Basic and detail engineering: based on data for mechanical engineering, panel building and control cabinet engineering
• Digital maintenance and service: digital wiring plan pocket, maintenance with augmented reality

Whether it’s for standardising plant specifications, the basic and detail engineering for machine building, panel building and control cabinet design, or digital maintenance and service – Eplan systems support companies along every step of the process.

Sneak Preview of the Eplan Platform 2025
In addition, users and others who are interested can already become familiarised with some of the initial highlights of the Eplan Platform 2025 during the online event. The software, which will be available this summer, focuses on ease of use and greater speed in project planning and design. It helps reduce the workload for qualified specialists in both engineering and in production. Furthermore, machine cabling is now supported via pre-assembled cables.

These are the most important features of the upcoming Eplan Platform 2025:
• Easy to use: property display specific to device type, macro preview in device management
• Easing the burden in production: schematics are more easily readable via QR codes and images on symbols
• Expanding on machine cabling: pre-assembled cables in Eplan Electric P8
• Getting more out of it: machine cabling reaches a new level with the new Eplan Cable proD in connection with Eplan Electric P8
• Clever connections: interface for Eplan Pro Panel and Phoenix Contact ClipX Engineer


Sejfo Production (Source: Sejfo) A view of the production facility at Sejfo, the Swedish system integrator that has opened its production facility for the Eplan L!VE event.

40 years of Eplan: review and outlook
The company Eplan is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year. Reason enough to take a look back and think about the outlook as part of the international event. CEO Sebastian Seitz will be talking about the trends and issues that Eplan has set its sights on for the coming years.

Application (Source: Sejfo) The Eplan Platform enable efficient project planning and design – from plant system specifications, to basic and detail engineering for machine building, panel building and control cabinet engineering, and to digital maintenance and service.

The package of information – including examples proven in practice, innovations, tricks of the trade from the Eplan Platform 2025 and the coming trends and industry topics – is what has been brought together for users as part of the Eplan L!VE event.

Those interested can register free of charge at: www.eplan.de/live


Pavita Jones