UHF RFID Reader from Pepperl+Fuchs Enables Transparent Flow of Goods

UHF RFID Reader from Pepperl+Fuchs Enables Transparent Flow of Goods

New UHF RFID Reader from Pepperl+Fuchs Enables Transparent Flow of Goods
Efficient Detection of Packages and Load Carriers in Logistics


IUR-F800-V1D-4A* UHF RFID read/write device

With the IUR-F800-V1D-4A*, Pepperl+Fuchs is expanding its RFID portfolio with a new UHF reader for connecting external antennas, especially for use in gate applications in logistics.

Pepperl+Fuchs has been providing reliable RFID systems for industrial applications for over three decades. In factory automation, these systems are primarily operated with PLCs to ensure safe processes and transparency in production.

The new IUR-F800-V1D-4A* UHF RFID read/write device extends the range of products offered by Pepperl+Fuchs to provide complete transparency in the logistics applications that follow production. Designed with proven and internationally standardized UHF technology (ISO 18000-63 or EPC Class 1 Gen 2), the IUR-F800-V1D-4A* enables cost-efficient construction of RFID gates thanks to the connection option for up to four external antennas.

These RFID gates enable quick, simultaneous detection of large quantities of tags during transit – for example, in the automated inspection of packages in incoming and outgoing goods, and during transport between storage and production areas. The information obtained can be seamlessly integrated into existing backend systems such as ERP and MES, therefore enabling maximum transparency along the entire value chain.

A variety of antenna types provide optimal adaptation to specific applications. The powerful UHF reader allows reading and writing over long distances. In addition, the reader has additional inputs and outputs, for example, for connecting sensors or external signal lights. Clearly visible LEDs provide additional information about the current operating state. Both the IUR-F800-V1D-4A* and the associated antennas are designed with rugged housings for demanding operational conditions.

Detection of containers during transit on a forklift


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