BeeYoung and The Decor Mart Celebrate World Cocktail Week with Exclusive Giveaway

BeeYoung and The Decor Mart Celebrate World Cocktail Week with Exclusive Giveaway

In a recent celebration of World Cocktail Week, BeeYoung, a craft beer brand by Kimaya Himalayan Beverages, partnered with The Decor Mart to create an unforgettable social media giveaway that culminated in an exhilarating celebration, marked by high spirits and enthusiastic participation.

The giveaway, which attracted beer cocktail enthusiasts, was designed to enrich the experience of cocktail week, allowing three lucky winners to delve deeper into the art of cocktail-making with a special hamper. This hamper included a pack of four BeeYoung beers, informational leaflets, and stylish Bee patches which complemented a set of the elegantly crafted Fluted Sway Glass by The Decor Mart.

Reflecting on the success of the campaign, Mr. Abhinav Jindal, Founder and CEO of Kimaya Himalayan Beverages, said, “World Cocktail Week is a celebration of craftsmanship in mixed drinks, and what better way to enhance this experience than with BeeYoung’s authentic craft beers. Our collaboration with The Decor Mart for this giveaway was aimed at offering a complete sensory delight, coupling our finely brewed beers with beautifully designed glasses, perfect for any cocktail concoction.”

The Decor Mart, known for their exquisite and innovative home decor items, were equally enthusiastic about the collaboration. Rohan Mittal, Founder of The Decor Mart remarked, “It was a pleasure to join hands with BeeYoung for this unique campaign. Our Fluted Sway Glass sets are designed to not only look beautiful but also enhance the drinking experience, making them perfect for the innovative and rich flavours of BeeYoung beer.”

The giveaway was held on social media, drawing substantial engagement from fans of both brands, eager to share their own cocktail creations. Winners were announced at the end of World Cocktail Week, bringing to a close a vibrant celebration of taste and creativity.


Pavita Jones