NCL to purchase 28 heavy-duty dump trucks for efficient storage and dispatch of coal

NCL to purchase 28 heavy-duty dump trucks for efficient storage and dispatch of coal

BEML has received an order worth Rs 250 crore from Northern Coal Fields Limited (NCL) for the supply of 28 BH100 rear dump trucks. The total amount to be paid for this has been approved to be Rs 250 crore. The BH100 rear dump truck is designed to be efficient in the transport of material weighing up to 100 tonnes, which is particularly suited for the transport of heavy loads in heavy and sustainable mining operations and the efficient storage and dispatch of coal. Has been prepared for.

This order is a significant milestone in BEML's continued partnership with Northern Coal Fields Limited, demonstrating the confidence and reliance on the heavy mining equipment by the Defense PSU. As per the deal, the dumpers will be maintained under a guaranteed spare parts contract for a period of five years, ensuring uninterrupted service and operational efficiency.

BEML's BH100 Rear Dump Trucks are known for their robust design, advanced features and operational efficiency. These are designed for fuel efficiency and also help in reducing operating costs while maintaining high efficiency performance levels.

Mr. Shantanu Roy, Chairman and Managing Director of BEML Limited, described this achievement as commendable. He said in his remarks that our contribution in the coal sector is expanding. Shri Shantanu Roy said that our aim is to help the coal producers to achieve the target of extracting more than one billion tonnes of coal in the country. Our BH100 rear dump truck has the potential to significantly assist Northern Coal Fields Ltd in their coal extraction efforts.

This order highlights BEML's commitment to empower the country's mining industry and support it with reliable machinery, further enhancing its position as a leading manufacturer in the mining equipment sector. BEML has continuously upgraded the technical capabilities of its products. In which it has also been ensured that all the products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Its dedication towards innovation has not only boosted the defense sector but also enhanced the efficiency and sustainability of infrastructure projects.


Pavita Jones