Data Ingenious Launches India’s First Private AI GPT

Data Ingenious Launches India’s First Private AI GPT

Data Ingenious Global Limited, previously known as Data Infosys, has launched “Private AI GPT: Your Organization’s Private AI,” India's first private AI GPT model. The AI model offers organizations a transformative AI solution that balances superior customer service, enhanced productivity, and stringent privacy and security measures. The model automatically learns from companies' websites and trains itself to answer users' questions. It empowers organizations with a privacy-centric AI solution tailored to their specific needs.


As a pioneer in IT services in India with expertise in Networking, Web Technology, Software Consultancy, and other significant services, Data Ingenious Global Limited has constantly innovated and built Made in India products. With Private AI GPT, the company offers APIs for seamless integration into organizations' websites and internal systems. These APIs allow organizations to train the model with their specific data, ensuring customization and confidentiality. By embedding Private AI GPT within their website, organizations can access AI-powered services while safeguarding sensitive information. 

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Startled by the launch, Ajay Data, CEO and Founder, Data Ingenious Global Limited, expressed, “The world has shifted. Since the launch of AI tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, Perplexity, Bing, and Grok, users now expect answers, not just search results. Organizations that don't adapt and make their information readily available in answer-ready formats risk losing the ability to reach customers, vendors, governments, and professionals. This paradigm shift demands quick adoption of AI solutions that empower your audience to consume company information in a precise, accurate, and professional manner.”


Data Ingenious Global Limited’s latest innovation underscores its commitment to leading the technological landscape with innovative solutions. The introduction of Private AI GPT marks a significant milestone for enterprises, enabling them to maintain a competitive edge through AI-driven engagement while preserving data privacy and security. By integrating this customizable AI model, organizations can not only streamline their operations but also provide their customers with an intuitive and responsive user experience. As the digital era continues to evolve, embracing such advanced AI technologies is paramount for businesses aiming to meet the modern expectations of accessibility and efficiency.


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