Cureskin Launches ‘Skin Hai, Mazak Nahi’ TVC Campaign to Advocate for Dermatologist-Guided Skin Health

Cureskin Launches ‘Skin Hai, Mazak Nahi’ TVC Campaign to Advocate for Dermatologist-Guided Skin Health

~ A strategic initiative to stir conversations around prioritizing dermatologist-guided personalized skincare regime ~

Cureskin, a dermatologist-led skincare brand has announced the launch of its first national television commercial (TVC) campaign titled 'Skin Hai, Mazak Nahi'. This campaign aims to shift the focus to the importance of dermatologist-guided, personalised skin health in today's fast-paced world of mass skincare products.

The campaign emphasises the necessity of consulting a dermatologist before experimenting with products on your skin. Regular use of ill-suited products can often result in side effects. Cureskin advocates for a personalised approach, where a qualified dermatologist assesses individual skin concerns and recommends the most effective solutions. This message is essential for helping consumers make informed choices about their skincare routines.

The campaign's narrative follows the journey of a young girl as she contends with skin concerns and remedies proposed by others. She is faced with advice from numerous sources, each offering different tips and tricks on managing different skin issues. Despite the abundance of well-intentioned advice, she advocates for the expertise of a dermatologist from Cureskin who provides her with precise and effective guidance tailored to her specific needs.

Elaborating on the concept around the campaign, GunaKakulapati, Co-Founder & CEO at Cureskin said, “Cureskin recognises that healthy skin is more than just aesthetics; it's about promoting overall well-being and fostering self-confidence. Our 'Skin Hai, Mazak Nahi' campaign is designed to provoke a national dialogue around prioritising dermatologist-guided skin health via personalised science-based solutions. Cureskin is dedicated to providing the expert guidance and support necessary for everyone to achieve healthy skin.”

Sharing his thoughts on the campaign, Suvid Bajaj, Chief Marketing Officer at Cureskin added, “The 'Skin Hai, Mazak Nahi' campaign is our endeavour to shift the focus from temporary fixes to long-term skin health. We believe this initiative will spark a significant change in how people perceive and approach skincare, emphasising the importance of a dermatologist and personalisation in nurturing their skin's health. This campaign is a testament to Cureskin's commitment to delivering scientifically backed, personalised skincare solutions that truly make a difference. Our partners at Sick Content Studios led by Joy Chauhan who is a seasoned industry veteran have done complete justice to the brief here.”

The campaign features renowned OTT actors ShrishtiGangulyRindani and Ambrish Verma and is brought to life by Sick Content Studios, founded by Joy Chauhan, who adds, “I feel we are witnessing a great brand, with a differentiated business model in the making. We are delighted to be a part of this journey. While the category is full of promises, our challenge was to bring forth our dermatologist-first model in a highly cluttered beauty and skincare category. Sincerity, honesty and not trivialising the critical Skin health issues were paramount. 'Skin Hai, Mazak Nahi' is a line, which captures the entire intent and essence of the brand's existence. This campaign will bring to life every aspect of the issues that consumers face in the skin and hair health space.”

It will target both connected and traditional linear TV audiences, ensuring that the message is effectively communicated across different viewing platforms. This comprehensive approach aims to maximise reach and engagement, bringing the crucial conversation about skin health to the forefront. In a world where all information is readily available at one’s fingertips, Cureskin makes dermatologist guidance easily accessible to all.

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