394 Officer Cadets Passed Out of Graduate Course from Indian Military Academy, Dehradun

394 Officer Cadets Passed Out of Graduate Course from Indian Military Academy, Dehradun

A total of 394 Officer Cadets of 154 Regular Courses and 137 Technical Graduate Courses passed out from the portals of Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun, Uttarakhand which included 39 cadets from 10 friendly foreign countries. The Officer Cadets displayed great enthusiasm and displayed excellent marching with perfection and pride to the military tunes of 'Saare Jahan Se Accha' and 'Kadam Kadam Badhaye Ja'.

Lieutenant General MV Suchindra Kumar, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Northern Command inspected the Passing Out Parade. He congratulated the Officer Cadets on the successful completion of their training. He complimented them and the instructors for the excellent parade as well as the clear and coordinated drill movements, which reflect the high standards of training and discipline adopted by the young Officer Cadets.

The Reviewing Officer said, “The parade is the culmination of your training and the beginning of your professional career. This is a moment that comes once in your lifetime and will be the inspiration for all your future endeavours. The pledge you take and the vow you make to your nation is sacred and will precede all your commitments from now on. The fact that you stand proudly and strongly today is a testimony to the hard work and labour you have put in to become an officer. IMA is a distinguished institution that has harnessed your potential and equipped you with all the knowledge and attributes required of an officer.”

The Reviewing Officer reiterated that the Indian Army is proud to have the best soldiers in the world, who possess the knowledge gained from war and years of operational experience. He urged the Officer Cadets to always lead with honour, serve with distinction and inspire those around them with unwavering commitment to duty.

On the rapidly changing nature of warfare, the Reviewing Officer said that technological change is constantly influencing the nature of modern wars. He emphasised that space, cyber and cognitive domains are the reality of warfare. Information warfare, drones, autonomous systems, harnessing the electro-magnetic spectrum and man-machine teaming are the new normal. He said these domains are being refined with each passing day with the use of transformational technologies, increasing the complexities of wars. Describing it as a war of ideas, intellect and innovation, he urged the officer cadets to always be prepared and at the forefront to face these challenges. He said, “Remember the adage that the person behind the machine matters the most. Physical fitness, mental agility, critical thinking, technical skills and quick reaction in volatile situations will be the key to your success.”


Pavita Jones