Prominent leaders deliberate on ‘Building Inclusive Leaders: On Campus and Beyond’

Prominent leaders deliberate on ‘Building Inclusive Leaders: On Campus and Beyond’

XLRI to release a Code of Conduct to Address Gender Equality and Inclusive Leadership Challenges, Highlighting Key Skills for Students and Practical Steps for Corporate and Societal Inclusivity


New Delhi – In a significant move to equip its incoming students with the skills and mindsets for a future focused on diversity and inclusion and also chart practical steps for corporate and societal inclusivity, XLRI’s Centre for Gender Equality and  Inclusive Leadership (CGEIL) hosted a thought-provoking panel discussion titled “Building Inclusive Leaders: On Campus and Beyond.” This event, held during  the induction ceremonies for the new batches at both the Delhi NCR and Jamshedpur campuses, brought together prominent  leaders with academia to engage in a vital dialogue on gender equality and inclusive leadership.


The panel discussion “Building Inclusive Leaders- On Campus and Beyond” involved engaging discussions on how fostering diversity and inclusion on campus would influence talent acquisition,  employee engagement, and organizational development.


Experts from industry and academia gave young minds eye-opening perspectives on diversity and inclusion and set the tone for changing mindsets, approaches, and practices to foster an inclusive and supportive environment for all individuals during the panel discussion. The  Panelists exhorted the students to start following these practices as they embark on their academic journey at XLRI to help them become more grounded, more inclusive, and more authentic leaders when they move from the campus to the workspace.

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The panel  included professionals from diverse sectors , such as Ms. Rekha Menon, Ex MD Accenture & XLRI Board Member, Ms. Kanta Singh, Deputy Country Representative UN Women India, Mr. Suresh Ramasubramanian, XLRI Alumni Chapter President (North), Nirupama Subramanian, XLRI Alumni Co-Founder GLOW-Growing Leadership of Women, Prof Sakhhi Chhabra, Assistant Professor Marketing  XLRI Delhi NCR and Ms. Pritha Dutt, Chairperson, CGEIL-XLRI and  Founder MeraBizNet.


Dr. Fr K.S Casimir, Director of XLRI Delhi-NCR, expressed his enthusiasm for the occasion, stating, “With XLRI’s unwavering dedication to nurturing and building a just society, we wish to establish a campus environment that is conducive to the success of all individuals by implementing gender-sensitive initiatives, promoting inclusivity, and cultivating a culture of respect for people from all walks of life.”

“I am proud that in line with XLRI’s ethos of ‘For the greater good’, CGEIL is taking a bold step towards fostering a more equitable future. The center is set to unveil a comprehensive Code of Conduct specifically designed to address challenges faced in achieving gender equality and inclusive leadership practices.”

XLRI’s commitment to gender equality and inclusive leadership is unwavering, and our Centre for Gender Equality and Inclusive Leadership (CGEIL) stands as a beacon of this commitment. By hosting this event, we aim to inspire action and foster a culture where diversity is celebrated, and every individual is empowered to lead with authenticity and fairness. Through collaboration, education and advocacy, we are proud to be driving positive change and creating a more inclusive environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive”, said Fr S George S.J., Director, XLRI Jamshedpur.

During the discussion, the panel highlighted priority areas that India needs to address to ensure a more gender-equal society including the best practices that should be adopted to usher in gender equality both in society and beyond the corporate workspace, offering actionable steps to drive this change.

 “The Centre for Gender Equality and Inclusive Leadership (CGEIL) is committed to strategic activities that promote gender equality. By focusing on research, advocacy, and empowerment initiatives, we hope to bring about substantial change toward inclusivity and equality.”- said Ms. Pritha Dutt, Chairperson, Centre for Gender Equality & Inclusive Leadership (CGEIL).

The panel also underscored the practices students should adopt to embed the concept of inclusive leadership. The panellists highlighted the correlation between practices around inclusion, equality, a just society, and business performance, providing concrete action points for students to follow.

The discussions focused on the development areas for women to leverage and develop their leadership potential and also offered insights on becoming Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) advocates and how individuals can become aware of their own biases, promoting a culture of continuous learning and self-awareness.

Pavita Jones