“Namaste Summit India” Campaign to be Led by Former Union Minister Vijay Sampla

“Namaste Summit India” Campaign to be Led by Former Union Minister Vijay Sampla

Summit India Trust is about to launch a campaign to establish India's presence in many countries across the world, with the command of this initiative given to former Union Minister and former National Commission for Scheduled Castes Chairman, BJP Punjab's former State President Mr. Vijay Sampla. In this regard, BJP's former National Vice President and Summit's President Mr. Shyam Jaju, along with the organization's General Secretary Mr. Mahesh Verma, today announced here that the campaign will commence with the “Namaste Nepal” event.


This program aims to promote Indian culture and civilization among Indians living worldwide, along with highlighting India's leading role in the service sector. The campaign will be conducted in countries including Nepal, Vietnam, Luxembourg, Singapore, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, several European countries, Great Britain, the USA, and others.


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Under this campaign, chairpersons for this chapter of Summit India have been appointed in all these countries besides India, under whose supervision the campaign will be run. The international leadership of this entire campaign will be under Mr. Vijay Sampla. The main objective is to enhance India's role as a world leader, and to promote India's education policy along with yoga, Ayurveda, Panchakarma, art and culture, health, skills, etc., and to work forward in these areas with mutual consent. People living outside the country will be informed about coming to India for destination weddings, so that they are aware of the natural beauty here. The campaign aims to create an environment of mutual agreement for economic development between the countries.


Under this campaign, camps will be set up to inform people there about India's progress, especially in the fields of medical, IT, research and development, services, etc. As a skillful nation, we will try to take a big leap with this campaign, and people there will be informed about the skills our people possess. People from other countries who want to invest here but have remained untapped for some reasons will be contacted and invited to invest. With this objective, we are launching the “Namaste Summit India.” The first stop is Nepal. Following that, the campaign will be carried out in Luxembourg, Singapore, Kenya, Tanzania, Canada, the US, the UK, the UAE, Singapore, Ghana, Mauritius, and African countries.

Pavita Jones