Illuminating Sainj Valley: Signify Solar Lighting Solutions Brings a Ray of Hope

Illuminating Sainj Valley: Signify Solar Lighting Solutions Brings a Ray of Hope

·Himachal Flood Rehabilitation – CSR Lighting Project, installed over 120 highintensity solar streetlight across 20 villages in the region

Himachal Pradesh witnessed a series of devastation, wherein a flash flood in Sainj river (also known as Pin Parbati river) caused massive destruction leading to loss of hope, life, infrastructure, and property. The Sainj valley in Himachal’s Kullu saw a massive destruction due to heavy rains and subsequent floods. 

The once picturesque landscape was plunged into darkness, with homes destroyed and communities cut off from their essential services. The calamity lasted for days impacting power supply, communication, and connectivity which were only restoredlater.

Bringing a light of hope amidst this crisis, Signify, the global leader in lighting solutions stepped up to rehabilitate the flood affected villages ofSainj Valley, with sustainable lighting solutions to improve the lives of the people. Signify collaborated with the ERA Foundation and volunteers from the Himalay Unnati Mission, embarking on a transformative journey that brought light back to the valley and restored hope to its residents. 

Despite tough terrain, wrecked roads, and various other hurdles, the dedicated team worked tirelessly to deliver necessary supplies and install over 120 high intensity solar streetlightacross 20 villages in the region, with the consultation of the village committee members.  

This initiative is a testament to Signify’s commitment to social responsibility and making a positive impact on people's lives. To showcase the rehabilitation efforts in Sainj Valley, Signify has released a video highlighting the journey of hope and resilience. Through this video, Signify aims to inspire others to join hands in creating #BrighterLivesBetterWorld for everyone. 

Pavita Jones