Danish Car Subscription Service Sees Growing Interest for Franchising in Europe

Danish Car Subscription Service Sees Growing Interest for Franchising in Europe

The car subscription service :Dribe offers car distributors franchising opportunities, which includes a digital end-to-end platform and concept designed to foster growth through flexible subscriptions.The platform integrates with the franchisees' existing resources and operations, and the concept is attracting car distributors from all over Europe.


:Dribe has big plans for expansion throughout Europe. The Danish car subscription service offers car distributors in the UK, Benelux, France, and Germany a unique opportunity to seamlessly integrate subscriptions into their operations.:Dribehas developed a scalable subscription concept and a plug-and-play model designed to strengthen the franchisee's market position by meeting the need for a flexible mobility solution with short commitments and flexibility regarding car model, size, andenergy source.


:Dribe, which is owned by Denmark's largest automotive player Semler Group, is seeing a growing interest from car distributors across Europe, which pleases :Dribe CEO Jesper Hill-Kjærsgaard.


– We are incredibly happy with the numerous inquiries from car distributors in Europe. We find that many car distributors want to incorporate subscriptions into their product line but lack the necessary resources to independently develop a new business area. Our plug-and-play model is designed to simplify that process, says Jesper Hill-Kjærsgaard, adding:


– The high level of interest only confirms an international market need for flexible car access. This is also supported by research, such as a study from McKinsey & Company, which shows that one in three European car customers is open to trying a vehicle subscription in the future.


:Dribe’s concept is developed for franchisees to seamlessly integrate subscriptions into the company's existing operations. Automated processes for everything from billing to car inspections reduce manual work. Additionally, the concept includes advanced data collection and Business Intelligence tools for targeted customer communication, as well as comprehensive brand assets, an integrated website, and statistical modules for optimized operations.


Successful Franchising in Greece

The renowned Greek car distributor Kosmocar, employing over 180 staff members, was :Dribe’s first international franchisee. Kosmocar’s implementation of the subscription model has since led to a steadily growing customer base and nearly 10,000 downloads of the app. Additionally, Kosmocar has achieved massive media coverage following a launch event attended by 60 journalists, resulting in over 100 media mentions within a few days, according to CEO Yiannis Emirzas.


­– We chose :Dribe’s plug-and-play solution to automate processes and simplify operations, and we are very pleased with the partnership. It has elevated our brand’s positioning in the market as technologically strong, innovative, and focused on the modern end user's needs. We have swiftly attracted a new and broader customer base, which was a key focus for us, says Yiannis Emirzas, adding:


– Everything from damage registration to invoicing has become more efficient with the digital backend system. It reduces resource requirements and increases operational efficiency. The innovative approach has helped us adapt to the changing market and stand out in a dynamic industry.

Pavita Jones