Shree Savitramma Thimmegowda Trust Bengaluru Takes over Shree Renuka Devi Devastanam

Shree Savitramma Thimmegowda Trust Bengaluru Takes over Shree Renuka Devi Devastanam

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Shree Savitramma Thimmegowda Trust Bengaluru hosted a press meet to announce their take over from Shree Renuka Yellamma Devi DevastanamKatedodhi Mandya District, Karnataka.

Chairman – SPR Groups – Dr. M. ThimmegowdaTrustee MD – Sunitha Thimmegowda along with other trustees Dr. Soumya Ramesh, Daughter in Law of Mr. HD Devegowda, Daughter of Mr. DC Thamana, Mr. Ashok Shankar (Son in law of Savitramma & Thimmegowda) and Mr. Raghavendra Gowda (son of Savitramma & Thimmegowda) were present for the same.

L to R: Ravichandran Gurukal, Elavarsapattam P.T. Ramesh Gurukal, Ashok Shankar, Sunitha Thimmegowda, Dr. Soumya Ramesh

Trustee MD Sunitha Thimmegowda’s mother K. Savithramma’s personality was that of a formidably strong woman. Battling the culture of patriarchy since her early years of marriage, she established such a glorious personality that most people felt blessed to be in her presence. Towards the end of her days, K. Savithramma dreamt of renovating a small temple in Kattedodhi into a grand temple for the benefit of the people living there. She started the process of renovation, but sadly fell ill and could not finish the completion of the temple.

On 19th of February – Shree Savitramma Thimmegowda Trust Bengaluru performed  a huge Havana Pooja at their ancestral temple in Kattedoddi – Mandya. The Trust will now start the rebuilding work of the hereditary 100 years old Temple. The trust is also actively working towards raising funds for the redevelopment of that village, towards rebuilding new roads and also generating employment for the Kattedodi women.

Dr. Soumya Ramesh said, “Savitramma Thimmegowda, was very fond of me for the last 11 years and we have spent some quality time last couple of years, it was during this time that she had requested me to be a part of the Shree Renuka Yellamma Devastanam In Katte Dodhi Mandya District. Since I am also a native of Maddur, I had always shared with her my vision and desire to help in rebuilding the temple. And the upliftment of the village together with her daughter Sunitha Thimmegowda.”

Sunitha Thimmegowda – Trustee MD for Shree Savitramma Thimmegowda says, “As an ode to my mother – K. Savithramma, I will work towards fulfilling this wish of hers. Savithramma made phenomenal contributions in her lifetime to further enhance the livelihoods of the downtrodden and to uplift the society in terms of love and compassion. This is the least I could do for her.

About Sunitha Thimmegowda

M. Thimmegowda and K. Savithramma’s daughter, Smt. Sunitha Thimmegowda under the guidance of her mother, dedicated her time and efforts to work on these projects and make her mother’s vision come true. Her vital role in the upliftment and betterment of numerous temples across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh is certainly undeniable. She is married to Sri Ashok Shankar (Owner of Jumbo and Gemini Circus), and they both happily reside together with their family in Bangalore.

Smt. Sunitha Thimmegowda is a prominent personality in the temple town of Tiruvannamalai, as she has religiously been a part of all the festivities for over 11 years. She has done extensive Annadhaana (Food service) during one of the most grandly celebrated festivals known as Karthiga Deepam (Light festival for Lord Shiva and his son, Muruga) and in the Ramana Maharishi Ashram during the Ramana Maharishi Jayanthi. She has immensely devoted herself to the service of God. As one of the most proactive devotees of Lord Shiva (Arunachala), she has happily contributed several Suvarna Kalasas for the main Garbhagudi in the Arunachala Temple of Tiruvannamalai.

She has also taken part in the Kumbaabhisheka (Sanskrit term for complete renovation of ancient temples) of the Balasundareshwara Temple in a remote village of Tiruvannamalai. Legend denotes that this ancient temple was visited by the renowned Sri Adi Shankaracharya himself to stop the Devi who was in her ferocious form spitting fire everywhere. He established a Garuda Gamba there to keep her at peace (shanti swarupa). Sunitha Thimmegowda feels extremely fortunate and grateful to be approached for the Kumbaabhisheka of this divine temple.

With the blessings of her parents, she has devoted herself vigorously for the religious development of temples and has embarked on rebuilding the Renuka Yellamma Temple (Kattedoddi) in a holistic, spiritual manner under the guidance of all the Gods. Her objective is to seek the blessings of the Goddess for the development of the villagers and their crops in order to fulfill her mother’s last wish. She feels abundantly blessed to safeguard the ancestral Kuladevatha (ancestral God) of her home village.

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