Warming Hanle Monastery School: Children Embrace Comfort with New Heaters

Warming Hanle Monastery School: Children Embrace Comfort with New Heaters

In the heart of Ladakh's challenging winters, the “Lamas of Lightinitiative celebrated a significant milestone with the successful launch of its first phase at Hanle Monastery School on January 22, 2024. Spearheaded by the Headlight Foundation, this initiative endeavors to bring warmth, education, and hope to the resilient students of Hanle Monastery School.

The Chief Guest for the event, Shri Ishey Spalzang, Hon'ble Councillor, Nyoma, graced the occasion, highlighting the collaborative effort dedicated to the betterment of Hanle's educational landscape.


Message from Headlight Foundation Founders:

“As founders of the Headlight Foundation, our mission has always been rooted in creating a lasting impact in remote regions. The Lamas of Light initiative reflects our vision to empower young minds in Hanle, providing them with the tools for a brighter future. We believe education is a transformative force, and with the support of our partners and well-wishers, we aspire to make a meaningful change in the lives of these students,” shared Rajendra Prasad & Manish Bhaskar, Co-Founders of Headlight Foundation & Royal Bikers who had accomplished some more similar initiatives in the region.

Empowering Lives in Phases:

The first phase of the Lamas of Light initiative focuses on installing room heaters, ensuring a comfortable learning environment even during the harshest weather conditions. This transformative step aims to address the challenges posed by extreme weather, enabling students to pursue education without disruption.

Impact Beyond Warmth:

The Lamas of Light initiative aims to transcend the immediate provision of warmth. It envisions creating an atmosphere where education thrives, resources are abundant, and the future becomes brighter for the resilient students of Hanle. The first phase lays the foundation for subsequent phases, where additional deliverables, including electronic and computer equipment, a full-time teacher, and school infrastructure enhancements, are planned.

Gratitude to Supporters:

The successful launch of the first phase wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering support from all quarters. The Headlight Foundation expresses heartfelt gratitude to Hanle Monastery Management, residents of Hanle village and all individuals who had come forward & contributed, whose belief in the initiative has set the stage for positive change in Hanle.

Looking Ahead:

As we celebrate this milestone, the journey continues. The Lamas of Light initiative invites individuals, communities, and organizations to join hands for subsequent phases. While the first phase brings warmth, subsequent phases promise to enhance educational resources, infrastructure, and overall opportunities for the students in Hanle.

For further information or to express your interest in supporting the ongoing initiative, please find details on the foundation’s website- www.headlightfoundation.org/initiatives

Pavita Jones