Ola Electric makes Bharat EV-ready; enters mass-market segment with the S1 X range of scooters

Ola Electric makes Bharat EV-ready; enters mass-market segment with the S1 X range of scooters
Ola Electric today announced new prices for its S1 X portfolio along with the delivery details of the scooters. The S1 X is available in three battery configurations; 2 kWh, 3 kWh, and 4 kWh and would now be priced at INR 69,999 (introductory price), INR 84,999, and INR 99,999, respectively. The deliveries of S1 X will begin starting next week.  The company also announced new prices of S1 Pro, S1 Air, and S1 X+, which would now be available at INR 1,29,999, INR 1,04,999, and INR 84,999. Additionally, all S1 scooters come with 8-year/80,000 km complimentary battery warranty at no extra cost.
The S1 X range marks the company’s entry into the mass market segment. The S1 X, offers a lower cost of ownership, and an 8-year/80,000 km complimentary battery warranty, making it an attractive value-proposition in the market.
Announcing the new prices, Ola spokesperson said: “We believe India’s EV industry has reached an inflection point with the EV penetration in the 2W segment at an all-time high last month. Our S1 X portfolio now addresses the high upfront cost of EVs which is one of the major barriers to EV adoption. Ola’s robust cost structures coupled with vertically integrated in-house technology and manufacturing capabilities enable us to price our products competitively. With new prices of S1 X and a wide product portfolio across all popular price points, we are confident of driving EV penetration further across the country.” 
Physical key, impressive range & performance
The S1 X range comes with the much-requested physical key and caters to customers with different range requirements. S1 X offers an IDC-certified range of 190 km, 143 km, and 95 km in 4 kWh, 3 kWh, and 2 kWh variants, respectively. The scooter comes with a 6kW motor and offers a quick acceleration of 0-40 Km/h in 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 90 kmph in 4kWh and 3kWh variants, and 4.1 seconds and 85 kmph in the 2 kWh variant. The scooter has three riding modes (Eco, Normal, Sports) and riders can switch between them seamlessly.
Unmatched warranty commitment
Ola Electric also offers an 8-year/80,000 km extended battery warranty for the entire range of products at no extra cost, a move Ola Electric believes addresses one of the barriers to EV adoption by extending the lifespan of the vehicles. Customers can also opt for an add-on warranty and increase the upper limit of the kilometres travelled up to 125,000 km at a nominal starting price of INR 4,999. Ola Electric has also introduced a portable fast charger accessory of 3KW which is available for purchase at INR 29,999. 
500K milestone
The announcement coincided with another remarkable achievement, with the company reaching a registration milestone of 5,00,000 scooters (as per VAHAN portal) in under 2.5 years.

Pavita Jones