Rohde & Schwarz, Rohde & Schwarz presents its solutions for next generation wide bandgap device test and debug at PCIM Europe

Rohde & Schwarz, Rohde & Schwarz presents its solutions for next generation wide bandgap device test and debug at PCIM Europe

Rohde & Schwarz presents its solutions for next generation wide bandgap device test and debug at PCIM Europe
Rohde & Schwarz will showcase its latest solutions for power electronics testing at PCIM Europe in Nuremberg from June 11 to 13. This year, the spotlight will be on solutions that address the challenges of testing and debugging the next generation of wide bandgap semiconductors in power electronic converters. The company’s experts will share their first-hand knowledge of applications such as inverter drive design, double pulse testing and EMI debugging, utilizing cutting-edge test instruments from Rohde & Schwarz.

Caption: MXO 5 oscilloscope with probe interface used in drivetrain analysis.

At the Rohde & Schwarz booth 619 in hall 7 of PCIM Europe in Nuremberg, Germany, visitors will experience cutting-edge test solutions for power electronics under the motto “Moving to next-generation wide bandgap device testing & debugging.”

Among these are the next generation MXO 5 and MXO 5C series oscilloscopes. The first eight-channel oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz are based on the company’s own powerful MXO-EP processing ASIC technology, a technological breakthrough that makes it possible to achieve the world’s first real time acquisition rate of 4.5 million waveforms per second, as seen in the MXO 4 series. The MXO 5C is the compact version of the MXO 5, but without an integrated display, making it ideal for rack-mount applications. Both support simultaneous real-time acquisition on four channels, processing a total of 18 million waveforms per second. The instruments’ pristine front-end performance and digital trigger approach leverage the 18-bit HD architecture derived from the 12-bit ADC, providing outstanding precision in all measurements. At PCIM Europe, visitors can learn how these next generation instruments can help solve complex design challenges. And they can even get a first glimpse on a ground breaking solution for measuring with high common mode voltages at high frequencies.

Power conversion
When optimizing drivetrain and inverter performance, characterizing the gate driver signals, especially in multiphase, can be very challenging. Visitors will be able to see how the MXO 5 oscilloscope can help users make accurate measurements for inverter design. With up to eight channels, the instrument provides a direct view of all relevant signal details. Thanks to SmartGrid™, users can easily configure the intuitive display to show all the needed waveforms. In addition, built-in track functions help visualize pulse width modulation (PWM) with varying duty cycle and width, allowing users to accurately analyze cycle-to-cycle behaviour. In combination with advanced high voltage differential probes from Rohde & Schwarz, users can also analyze the high- and low-side gate.

Double pulse testing
JEDEC has defined the necessary parameters for dynamic and static characterization of wide bandgap components, but performing accurate and reliable measurements can be challenging due to setup variables. Slight deviations in the test setup and fixtures can introduce parasitic inductances that ultimately lead to errors. Rohde & Schwarz is collaborating with industry experts at PE-Systems GmbH to implement a stable and accurate approach to double pulse testing using high-quality power supplies and next generation oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz. At PCIM Europe, visitors can experience first-hand how precision instrumentation and careful methodology work in synergy to set up accurate, reliable and fast double pulse testing.

EMI debugging
When designing filter circuits for power converters, it is possible to determine the exact noise in the system with a suitable oscilloscope instead of experimenting with different filter components by trial and error. The R&S RTO6 is equipped with advanced FFT functions that allow users to separate common-mode and differential-mode noise so that the right filter can be implemented to clean up the system noise. Rohde & Schwarz will demonstrate the analysis of conducted emissions from a 48 V to 12 V DC-DC converter for automotive applications to show how to gain insight into filter design issues.

Visitors can find Rohde & Schwarz in hall 7, booth 619, at the PCIM Europe International Exhibition and Conference from June 11 to 13, 2024, in Nuremberg, Germany. For more information about T&M solutions for power electronics from Rohde & Schwarz, go to:

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