Western Digital outlines must-have features for CCTV Storage

Western Digital outlines must-have features for CCTV Storage

Delhi: The evolving landscape of CCTV applications, extending beyond traditional security use cases, emphasizes the significance of smart video in diverse sectors such as retail management and transportation. With an array of cameras, ranging from user-friendly options to advanced artificial intelligence (AI) integrated devices, the CCTV market in India is projected to grow significantly, from USD 3.30 billion to USD 8.43 billion by 2028 (source).

Among the crucial components for a smart video setup, specialized storage plays a pivotal role. Efficient CCTV operations require high-capacity storage solutions to accommodate 24/7 video capture. Whether utilizing on-camera microSDTM cards or hard disk drives (HDDs), investing in substantial storage is imperative. The WD Purple® Pro Smart Video HDD by Western Digital, offering up to 22TB storage capacities, stands out as an ideal companion for CCTV setups. Similarly, the on-camera storage option, WD Purple SC QD101 Ultra Endurance microSD Card, provides storage capacities up to 1TB.

“The WD Purple portfolio is tailored for the evolving needs of CCTV setups, providing high-capacity solutions like the WD Purple® Pro Smart Video HDD with up to 22TB*. Designed for 24/7 reliability, our WD Purple microSD cards offer robust endurance. The WD Purple™ Pro drives, equipped with AllFrame™ AI technology, ensure seamless video playback and support deep learning analytics within the system”, Khalid Wani, Senior Director, Sales, India, Western Digital.

CCTV storage solutions demand higher endurance to endure challenging weather conditions and minimize downtime. Given the often inaccessible placement of cameras, selecting storage solutions with robust endurance becomes essential. WD Purple microSD cards, purpose-built for CCTV setups, provide the necessary robustness, performance, and reliability required for an always-on environment.

Not all storage solutions can sustain elevated performance levels in an always-on environment. Choosing storage designed to handle 24/7 smart video workloads is crucial. The WD Purple™ Pro drives, equipped with AllFrame™ AI technology, enhance ATA streaming to reduce frame loss and improve video playback. Additionally, they support up to 32 AI streams for deep learning analytics within the system.

As smart video applications continue to proliferate across sectors, the selection of specialized storage solutions becomes paramount to maximize the effectiveness of CCTV setups.


Pavita Jones